Making Waves

July 22, 2008

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? The sun, the surf. the way you look afterwards with glowing skin and that wavy beach hair created by fresh salt water and an ocean breeze. Faking sun-kissed skin is easy with a bit of bronzer (I love Dr.Hauschka's version). But recreating beach hair without the beach, pretty impossible right? Not if you're armed with John Masters Organics Sea Mist

Create enviable tousled, textured tresses worthy of a world famous supermodel with just a few pumps of this ingenious spray. With a line up of only four natural ingredients, this organic spray is designed to add extra body, wave and texture to your hair. Sea salt is added to water to create those waves. Then, to combat the dryness that can naturally occur with putting salt in your hair, John Masters has cleverly added Lavender essential oil, which gently hydrates while protecting the hair.

After towel-drying clean hair apply a few sprays of your secret weapon and allow to dry naturally. For even more wave, try reaching up and scrunching your hair with your hands while it's drying. What can be simpler than that? Oh, and I'd avoid a hairbrush afterwards. Clean up your beach hair with a wide toothcomb to avoid undoing all of those lovely, loose waves. So I've mentioned the water, the pure sea salt and the Lavender. What's the fourth ingredient? It's cornstarch, which helps add even more texture to achieve maximum waves with minimal sprays.