message on a bottle

September 27, 2007

I know that judging a product by the packaging is just as wrong as judging a book by its cover. And personally, if the stuff inside isn?'t wonderful, the best looking bottle in the world won't make me use it. However there's something to be said for really pretty packaging. It draws you in just like an intriguing novel cover. And if the formula inside is just as amazing, you feel completely vindicated for being seduced by a bottle. 

And that's exactly the case with Jurlique's new, and certainly improved, packaging. Every product package has received a (natural) facelift with sleek new boxes and bottles adorned with gorgeous flowers. Even better, the new packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from 80% post-consumer waste. Plus those flowers and the pretty lettering are made using soy-based ink. How cool is that?

So judge me all you want for craving pretty products. But with Jurlique's new earth-friendly improvements, at least I know that these do more than dress up my bathroom.