Moms In Toyland

October 14, 2008

We all know how dangerous some plastic toys can be for our kids. Now the US Congress has finally decided to take action. According to the Environmental Working Group, Congress will soon ban all phthalates from being allowed in children's products.  Of course I've long been a fan and advocate for safe, natural and educational toys. And my favorite destination to get them is

The perfect place that takes the stress out of toy shopping, you can stroll the 'digital aisles' of Moolka while enjoying an evening herbal tea or bouncing a baby on your lap. Everything is super adorable and of the highest quality, so it's always my go-to place when searching for a present for the many birthday parties my kids get invited to. With so many brands-like Haba, BlaBla and Crocodile Creek-offering so many great toys, the hardest part will be choosing. 

Plus, from puzzles and memory games to science labs and musical instruments, many of the options are educational. So you feel better about giving them. My own son Zach uses the Haba Play Scales from Moolka at his school. My kids attend the Waldorf School in our area. A nonprofit, community-oriented school system, Waldorf  has schools all over North America that are dedicated to teaching kids more than the basics (although they do that well). The school fosters individual talents, teaches understanding, nurtures creativity and promotes a lifelong joy for learning. Yeah, I sound like a school brochure, but every word is true. And the same goes for Moolka. It's a website worthy of being bookmarked on your computer. You'll head there over and over again.