Calendar alert: Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, May 13 to be specific). Have you got the moms in your life a special little something to show your appreciation yet? Well, if you want to get out of the old flowers/box of chocolates rut you’ve come to the right place. This year, why not treat her to some of our personal pampering products that willenrich her body and soul while giving a respectful nod to Mother Earth at the same time.

Whatever stage of the maternal continuum she’s on, here are a few gift suggestions to help you out.

For the mom-to-be

Celebrate this transformative time with our Pregnancy Gift Set by Erbaviva. It contains three organic aromatherapeutic items in a sheer fiber bag, so the presentation is as appealing as the products within. It contains a trio of nourishing, hydrating and sweet scented body-care indulgences that will help her relax, focus and prepare for the new life growing within her. It includes the Mommy Milk Bath to soak away tensions, Stretch Mark Oil to encourage skin’s elasticity, and Back Rub Oil, because if there’s anyone who deserves a fragrant back rub it’s a pregnant woman!

For the new mom

Dads, don’t make the rookie mistake of getting her something for the baby on Mother’s Day. This is her day, so give her something that tells her she’s still an autonomous, special, beautiful woman in her own right. How about one of Tallulah Jane’s sensual, all-natural perfumes to make her forget diaper duty for a while? These organic, botanical essences are made from wild crafted oils and hand poured in small batches for a light, refreshing fragrance that is free of questionable synthetics. For example, try 333 Natural Eau de Parfum, which blends three types of chamomile, lavender and citrus notes to make a soft signature scent mom, dad and baby will love. If you’re not sure what scent she’d like, we also have Tallulah Fragrance Sample Kits to let her try a few different aromas.

For the mom in the trenches

With all the home-cooked meals, laundry loads, carpooling, boo-boo kissing, homework supervising, advice dispensing and relentless other tasks that come with the territory, your mom has earned a little time-out for herself. Saffron Rouge carries lots of calming, relaxing, restorative bath products that are sure to help her decompress – providing she can find the time to bathe, that is. At this all-encompassing, multi-tasking stage of the motherhood, might we suggest something a little more invigorating to help her get through the daily to-do list. Dr.Hauschka’s new Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer will give her a pure and zesty pick-me-up as she softens and nourishes her skin. These luscious lotions also come in Lavender Sandalwood, Almond and Rose varieties as well.

For the “seasoned” mom or grandmother

While we offer many wonderful anti-aging skincare products at Saffron Rouge, let’s not go there for a Mother’s Day gift, okay? Chances are you contributed to the etching of some of those wrinkles, so you best stay away from that category altogether. Consider instead getting one or two red flower scented candles to add a little light, warmth and fragrance to her home. These clean, slow-burning organic candles come in a sleek and simple glass holder with a festive sprinkling of potpurri on top, so they look and smell beautiful even before you strike a match to it. They come in a delicious array of colorful and exotic botanical blends from around the world, including French Lavender, Spanish Gardenia, Japanese Peony and Icelandic Moonflower. Much better than a fleeting floral arrangement.

If you still can’t decide

You can always opt for a Saffron Rouge Gift Certificate that will let her choose something she truly wants for herself, including a motherload of lip balms, hand lotions, foot rubs, bath oils, body scrubs, aromatherapy oils and room sprays. This practical option isn’t considered a lazy-person’s cop out anymore. And for all you procrastinators out there, you can click and send her one of these right on the day. No more excuses.