In a perfect world we'd be feeling perfect all the time. No colds, no flu, no stress, depression or chronic insomnia. After all, those things just get in the way of an already hectic life. But of course the world isn't perfect, and neither are we. And since we can't press a pause button whenever the need arises, we need to find ways to help us cope. And that's where essential oils come in. From calming a cold to helping you finally catch some much needed beauty sleep (instead of thinking about how badly the hallway needs to be painted), simple and essential oils can help. The best part-well, besides feeling better-is knowing that they're pure and healthy. So you won't worry about chemicals, toxins and other bad stuff putting a damper on your wellbeing. 

Whether your coughing your lungs up with a cold or puking your guts out with the flu, being sick sucks. On most days you'd relish a day to simply sink in between the sheets and relax. But somehow it's just not the same when you're ill. Essential oils may not heal you enough to have you skipping through the park, but they'll certainly ease your symptoms to help you feel better. Whether you have a cough, sore throat, bronchitis or sinusitis, Primavera's Eucalyptus Oil is one to pick up. The vibrant, refreshing oil is a known decongestant and will almost instantly ease your symptoms. If the traditional version is too potent, try their Eucalyptus Radiata Oil, which is more mild and less irritating. Another option is the sweet, fragrant Frankincense Arabian oil. To help relieve symptoms almost instantly, apply a few drops to a diffuser or blend a couple of drops with a base oil and massage into your chest area. Take deep breathes and smell the sweet relief.

So maybe the only thing that's making you sick is something that you ate and now regret. Help calm your stomach and ease digestion with an essential oil. Simply mix it with a base oil to dilute it and gently massage your abdomen area. Ginger has long been associated with calming nausea. So instead of sipping a syrupy soda, use Primavera's natural and organic Ginger Oil. If you want something with a little less of a spicy kick try their Basil Oil, which is fresh, earthy and green.

Let's face it. life is stressful. And everyone-from the guy pumping gas to the guy boarding his private jet-has something to worry about. And boy to we worry. And worry and worry.  Try easing some of that neck-stiffening tension with some light meditation heightened by an essential oil diffused in the air. Or plead with your partner to give you a much-needed massage using a self-blended oil created with an essential oil and a carrier oil. Primavera's Clary Sage Oil is perfect for balancing both body and mind. It's an ideal oil if you're caught in a mental block, irate at your over-imposing aunt or simply just stressed from the 'to do' list that never ends. The Primavera Elemi Oil is another great choice for some immediate relaxation. And their Grapefruit Oil only helps relieve tension and clear your mind, but it's sunny fresh scent will revive and refresh you.

And then there's insomnia. You're wiped, but can't sleep. You keep staring at the clock, but those ticking number seem to be mocking you. Instead of tossing and turning all through the night, dab a drop of essential oil onto a special eye mask (or simply your pillow case). You can also diffuse it into the air or mix with a base oil and lounge in a relaxing pre-bedtime bath. The most famed essential oil to help you into slumber is Lavender oil. Primavera's Lavender Fine Oil is soft, earthy and sweet (but not too sweet). Plus, it's one of the most versatile oils around, so you can also use it to help with cuts, burns and stress. A couple of other sleep-inducing essential oils to try are the Melissa Oil and the Rose Bulgarian Oil, both by Primavera.

If you have kids, you know that they also come with their own set of problems. If your little one has come down with a cold, help her feel better using all-natural ingredients with the Erbaviva Sniffle Bath Essence. The infusion of immune-enhancing Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus will help open up sinuses and relax your sick little tot. If it's just a bad mood you've been thrust into the middle of, help lift her mood with the Erbaviva Happy Bath Essence. The pretty blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Mandarin will help an over-stimulated, cranky kid wind down. And a happy kid equals a happier parent. Which means it's one less thing for you to stress about.