Office Space

February 26, 2008

Work. It's one of those necessary evils. Sure you'd rather be scuba diving off some exotic island (as would I). But until your instant transportation machine starts working or you finally win the lottery, you have to pay the bills somehow, right? Solve those weekday blues by turning your workspace into a place you actually want to be (well, sometimes.). Now I'm not talking about turning you into the eclectic decorating-crazy office employee who fills every inch of her space with potpourri, personal photos and knickknacks. Leave all that at home and instead bring in an organic room spray. 

I love all of Primavera's airsprays. There are some to help calm you down, set a romantic mood and even help you get to sleep. But at work you need to be refreshed, uplifted and motivated. And there are three in particular that will perfectly get the job done. Before a major presentation or a meeting with the boss (asking for a raise perhaps?) spritz your space with a few pumps of the Good Mood Airspray and take a few deep breathes. The pleasingly fresh, yet slightly exotic aroma of Orange, Lime and Osmanthus will give you the boost of confidence you need.

If you're having one of those really bad days-you showed up late for a meeting, deleted an important email and spilled your latte all of over your new white blouse, all before noon-it's time to inject a little joy into your day. The Happy Lemon Airspray will instantly refresh and vitalize you with a blend of Lemon, Lime and Rosemary. Take a few minutes to breathe it all in, rebalance and get a little perspective. Another work dilemma is the coworker content to saturate the air with her spicy curry-filled lunch. Even if you're able to escape during the lunch hour, those aromas will linger long into the afternoon. Instead of starting a cubicle war, spray the Lemongrass Airspray in your space to purify the air and invigorate your mind.

And since all of these scents are light and enlivening, not cloying or heavy, you won't bother your own cubicle neighbors. In fact don't be surprised if coworkers start asking to borrow your airspray. After all, everyone needs a little uplifting at work.