One of the biggest myths about clean, organic products is that they're all just about as glamorous as washing your face with the mud from your back yard. It's a stigma that has haunted the industry for years, and one that I can't wait to finally put to rest. Sure, there are a lot of lines that cater to this granola lifestyle. But there are also lines that absolutely prove otherwise. Yes, it's true that luxury and natural can actually live in harmony, side by side in the same amazing product. An example of this is Suki, a collection new to Saffron Rouge

Completely clean and 100% natural, creator Suki Kramer formulated a pure and holistic collection of cosmetics and skincare products that would heal, soothe and treat even the most troubled, sensitive skin while still delivering a luxurious experience. SukiColor is her natural mineral cosmetics collection that includes five versatile products and a range of natural brushes. Most actually multi-task so efficiently you'll be able to downsize your makeup bag from jumbo to mini. The luscious, impressive formulas are all cream-based and blended with finely crushed, completely natural minerals along with nurturing organic plant ingredients that help treat and soothe the skin. From the mascara to the tinted moisturizer, each product is gentle enough for all skin types (even those with super sensitive skin or skin conditions). So it's possible to pamper yourself while still being 100% clean and natural.

Sometime this summer we'll be launching her equally fabulous skincare collection, SukiPure, which combines the latest scientific research with living organic botanical ingredients. The result is an amazing product collection packed with pure, potent ingredients that work with the skin, instead of fighting for renewed radiance and vitality. And although the plant elements are obviously the star, you can tell just by looking at the sleek, upscale packaging that this isn't your average organic skincare line. And once you become addicted to her cosmetics, you'll surely be holding your breath for the debut of her natural skincare.