Pumped full of lead

October 25, 2007

I already knew that regular lipsticks weren't the healthiest choice. Since it's a product that you actually ingest, the chemicals used to create traditional lipsticks can potentially pose very damaging effects to your body. But now a study has emerged from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that even worsens my fears. The consumer rights group tested 33 brands of lipstick, ranging from the cheap stuff to the tubes that cost more than a meal and found that more than half contained lead. Even worse, the tests showed that one third actually had more lead than allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration! 

Why is this so wrong? Lead is most dangerous to children due to their developing brains and nervous systems (which means now you'll really be scared when you walk into the bathroom to see lipstick all over your toddler's face), but it also poses threats to adults. One of the biggest concerns is for pregnant women because the lead can cross the placenta to cause birth defects or even miscarriage. Lead has also been linked to infertility issues (for men as well). Plus, over time the lead builds up in the body, so it can add up to levels that are pretty astounding-especially if you apply and reapply frequently. I also think it's wrong because these brands don't actually have to use lead. Many companies have proven that it's possible to manufacture a great lipstick without the addition of this toxic ingredient.

Of course there are alternatives, so you don't have to spend the rest of your life pining away after gloriously colored lips. Finding great organic makeup is easier than ever. You'll find amazing quality, a wide range of shades and all of the same products you can't live without, including foundations, mascaras, shadows and lipsticks. And don't be fooled by simple, mineral makeup. While they're not toxic like other products, they also don't contain skin-healing and benefiting ingredients. Mineral pigments and organic plant extracts and oils are gentle and healing. So you're beautifying your skin on the inside and the outside. What organic makeup doesn't contain is synthetic materials, artificial fragrances or petro-chemicals. This means that even those with sensitive skin and allergies can usually wear it. So I urge you to lose the lead-laden lipsticks and go for something more natural and more healing.

You can read the Reuters article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSN1140964520071012

You can download the full original study put out by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, here: