Raising The Bar

September 1, 2009

These days it seems that liquid shower gel has overshadowed the bar of soap when it comes to tub-side popularity. But like a little black dress or a classic trench coat, a good old fashioned bar of soap will never go out of style… especially if that bar includes luxurious organic ingredients. So whether your looking for a bar that will go the distance or one that will leave your skin delectably scented, here are my picks for the best bars.

The Certified Classic

Bar none, one of the best bars is also one of the oldest around. Dr. Bronner’s Classic Organic Bar Soap is USDA certified organic and Fair Trade certified. Formulated with extra virgin Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, and Hemp oils, this 100% biodegradable blend comes in eight pleasing scents.

The Longest Lasting

Weleda’s bar soaps are by far the best when it comes to longevity as they are French-pressed and triple-milled. Each scent blend creates a rich creamy lather that cleans and nurtures. Try the zesty and invigorating Rosemary Soap for a revitalizing morning wake up. Or, for a softer scent choose the delicate, floral fragranced Iris Soap.

Best Use of Packaging

When you look at Pangea Organics bar soaps the first thing you’ll notice is the exotic ingredient combinations. Who could turn down Indian Green Tea with Mint & Rose Petals, or Malagasy Cinnamon Cassia with Cloves? But what’s completely genius are the boxes that contain organic seeds to grow your own plant.

Most Pampering

Take your shower experience to the next level with Living Nature Luxury Body Bars. Handcrafted in New Zealand with organic pure indigenous ingredients including Kowhai flowers, Manuka honey, and Harakeke, these delicately nurturing soaps are luxurious, lightly fragranced, and skin softening.

Best For Baby

Erbaviva Organic Baby Soap is blended with milk, honey, and Lavender to produce a rich lather that gently cleans without drying delicate skin. Plus it comes in an adorable pouch, which makes it a perfect gift.