Most of the year it's routine to eat as healthy as possible. Saying no to plates of cake at office parties and resisting the dessert menu at your favorite restaurant is a way of life. But then comes holiday season. Suddenly good intentions and a good diet are thrown out the window. After all, you're good the rest of the year, the holidays are a time to enjoy and splurge. 

But a diet based on creamy mashed potatoes, gooey pecan pie, sweet sugar cookies and rich eggnog is certainly lacking in the nutritional department. This may lead to your skin acting up on you, looking dull or even breaking out. Plus you may feel more sluggish than usual. Along with your favorite multivitamin, try supplementing your holiday diet with Santaverde's Aloe Vera-based Nutrifood options. The Nutrifood collection contains three types of completely unique products: a supplement in a pill form, an herbal tea and three different varieties of liquidy goodness in the form of Aloe Vera juice topped with some bonus ingredients. Each has a unique goal. You just have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Drink Your Juice

These three liquids contain a base of pure, organic Aloe Vera juice from plants that are hand-harvested on Santaverde's plantation in Spain. Aloe Vera is abundant in antioxidants to help protect your body. A daily dose of 1.7 fl. oz. is suggested to be taken before breakfast. And if you'd rather not sip it on its own, try mixing it with fruit juice or sparkling water for a yummy pick-me-up. The AloeBasic is like Nutrifood for beginners. It contains 99.7% pure, nourishing Aloe Vera juice balanced out with a bit of organic lemon juice concentrate AloeProtect blends the Aloe Vera juice with antioxidant-rich berries and grapes to help protect skin cells and neutralize premature aging. The third formula is AloeBeauty, which differentiates itself by helping to increase skin's elasticity and vitality while eliminating free radicals. It's what you need if your skin is looking a little lackluster and dull.

Take Two

The Nutrifood AloeAktiv 100% Aloe Vera that's been freeze-dried and placed into a tiny capsule. Perfect for traveling, you just take one twice a day before you eat. Keep taking your normal multi-vitamin, as this is just a holistic bonus to help boost your body's antioxidant-level helping it regenerate skin cells, fight signs of aging and ultimately look younger, longer.

Time For Tea

AloeSlim is not a magically weight loss tea, as the name may lead you to believe. It's actually dried Aloe Vera leaves mixed with purifying Birch and Nettle leaves, revitalizing Green tea and fresh Lemongrass and Orange zest that helps your body rid itself of toxins. One or two cups a day will help your body purify itself while reducing bloating