Save Face & Cover Up

December 4, 2007

Just like awkward growth spurts and forgetting chemistry tests, we all thought that spots would magically disappear as we entered adulthood. Sadly, for most of us, that's not the case. On top of that adults also have to combat age spots and those tiny imperfections that make your skin look less than best. Sure you could just slab on some concealer. But why just cover when you can do so much more? Treat the cause of blemishes and help skin regenerate with Dr.Hauschka's mineral-based Pure Care Cover Stick, new to Saffron Rouge. 

Dr.Hauschka products highly respected and highly coveted, not just by me but also by anyone who tries their amazing holistic formulas. Like most of their products, this cover up stick does a lot more than meets the eye. Of course it discreetly hides those imperfections, spots and blemishes, but it's also long lasting, prevents shine and leaves a smooth, natural-looking finish. The bonus is what it does for your skin after application. The protective formula has a soothing antioxidant and plant-wax base, and combines a powerful combination of Tea Tree and Manuka essential oils to help heal and minimize the appearance of blemishes. To help fade acne spots, age spots and other skin discoloration, extracts of Anthyllis and Calandula encourages your skin cells to regenerate.

Available in two natural-looking shades, the Pure Care Cover Stick can be used just once a day or you can apply it several times a day at the first sign of a breakout. For the best results I suggest dusting on the Translucent Face Powder afterwards. It will help set the cover up and make it stay on longer.

And if you prefer cream coverage, as opposed to a stick, try Jurlique's Blemish Cream. The naturally tinted formula hides blemishes while soothing them with Calendula, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree oil. Both products will help you save face without all of those irritating and unnatural chemical ingredients found in traditional blemish products.