See for your Self

August 2, 2007

"Go Surfing. If reading labels isn't your thing, visit websites that weed out less-than-natural products for you. is the Sephora for the organic set."
-Beth Janes, Senior Beauty Features Editor
from "Natural Beauty For Everyone", Self Magazine, July 2007, p.124 

I recently found a wonderful article on organic products in the July issue of Self magazine. Sure I was pleased that the article mentioned Saffron Rouge (see above) but that wasn't the sole reason for my joy. I find that most of the organic-oriented articles out there tend to be extreme. You're either a capitalist, gas guzzling, fur wearing monster or you live in complete harmony with nature from the food you grow yourself to the solar panels that light up your kitchen as you make your own organic bread. Life simply isn't that black and white.

And Self gets that. The three-page article focuses on little ways you can go green without drastically disrupting your lifestyle. Because, lets face it, between work and family and trying to carve out a half hour just to sit and read a book, these little things are all most of us have time for.

So thanks to Self for reminding us that it's okay to be a part-time environmentalist. Part time is certainly better than nothing. If every single person on this earth did one or two things to live green, we'd already be in a completely better world.