See Spot Go Green

April 24, 2008


Call me old fashioned, but I'm not usually one to overly pamper my pooches. You'll never see a dog I own wearing frilly frocks with bows clipped uncomfortably into her head. But a dog is still part of the family and deserves plenty of love, treats and, by all means, chemical-free goodies. 

Luckily Organic Style ( has lots of options that are strictly frill-free and completely natural and organic. First and foremost think about those toys that Fido chases, chews and completely destroys. Before they smelled like dog drool I guaranteed they smelled like chemicals.  And if it's one thing you don't want your pet chewing on, it's a chemically created toy. Organic Style has chewy toys and soft, organic stuffed toys. So every dog can get what he loves best. My favorite is the Blue Globe and Bone Set  made with a non-toxic recyclable compound (so after your dog has chewed it to death you can stick it in the old recycle bin). Each of the two flexible, durable toys has a little hole for hiding treats. But what's really cool is that they're flavored with mint. Because nothing is worse than bad dog breath.

When it comes to food, you don't need me to tell you that eating organic is healthier. That goes for the canine set as well. If you pick up a box of standard dog treats you won't know half of the ingredients included. And just imagine how unhealthy all of those dyes are that turn the treats unnatural shades of red and orange. Organic Style has a fun collection of organic treats that are so pure and tasty, I know a girl who ate one to prove it. Now I don't recommend eating the treats, but the Apple Sweets & Carrot Crisps sound so tasty, you'll definitely be tempted.

Chances are your dog loves to sleep in bed with you (or somewhere else he may not be welcome).  So give him his own sleeping place with one of Organic Style's dog beds. I really love theSage Sweet Dreams Dog Bed, which is actually made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. Yet it's still completely cozy, soft and machine washable.

And speaking of washing, coming soon to Saffron Rouge is the re-launch of John Master Organics much-loved dog shampoo that cleanses and balances pH levels with organic ingredients that won't dry or irritate your pup's skin. So your dog can have a shiny, clean coat. bows and bandanas optional.