See Spots Run

July 28, 2009

I have plenty of problems when it comes to my skin, but thankfully, acne has never been one of them. However, although I’m not plagued with constant spots that crop up at a moments notice, I know that plenty of people are. Recently someone asked me what products I would recommend to heal blemishes. And so, I sought out an expert to help guide me though the best organic options.

Our store manager and esthetician raves about the Sophyto Purifying Active Mask (newly renamed Dual Action). As someone who’s seen so many ‘magic potions’ fail to deliver praiseworthy results, she was fully impressed by the mask’s ability to make acne spots go away overnight. Free of essential oils, and perfect for all oily or acne-prone skin, the organic formula contains Green Micro-algae that’s rich in bio-peptides, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins, to literally neutralize the pollutants that cause breakouts. The gentle mask also makes pores look smaller, and helps bring a little radiance to a dull complexion.

Another option is the Living Nature Rescue Gel, which uses the healing antiseptic properties of Manuka oil and Honey from New Zealand to treat blemishes. The organic formula also calms skin, and reduces irritation and redness often associated with acne. Plus, as a bonus, it can also be used to help heal cuts and scrapes.

And then there’s the Dr.Hauschka Intensive Treatment 02 Spray. Like the name implies, this stuff is intense. But, because it’s made from holistic ingredients, it’s not harsh like most conventional acne treatments. Created for blemish prone skin, it helps get rid of current acne, while preventing future breakouts with organic plant ingredients along with rhythmitized dilutions of the Peridot stone. A 28-day treatment, at the end of the month, you’ll see visible results that include a clear complexion and improved texture. It’s formulated for adult acne, so if you’re 24 or under, try the Dr.Hauschka Intensive Treatment 01 Spray.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little less intense (and a little less expensive), try the Dr.Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil. With plant oils and extracts, it helps heal acne, stop the over-production of oil, and reduce the appearance of large pores. Use it after you apply your toner (while skin is still moist if you have normal to oily skin and after your skin has dried if you have extremely oily skin). Or, use it as an occasional treatment mask. Warm a teaspoon of the oil, and apply it to your face and neck. After five minutes remove the excess oil with a warm compress. Be extremely careful around your eyes and mouth. I recommend applying a lip balm and eye cream first to help protect those delicate areas.