Summer is the season for road trips, plane flights, train journeys and ocean voyages. It seems everyone is going somewhere for at least a few days' break or a fortnight's escape. Whether it's a week at the cottage, an exotic beach getaway, a weekend city break or an extended overseas adventure, packing for the summer holidays is always a challenge. While we can't help you on the clothes front, we can assist with some ideas of what to throw in the toiletry case, carry-on, purse or beach bag.

1. Keep yourself hydrated wherever you go with our Takeya Modern Glass Water Bottle. We all know disposable bottles are out but other reusable containers can leave a plastic or metallic aftertaste. Ours is made from naturally BPA, lead and phthalate-free recyclable glass. It's durable, dishwasher safe and comes with an airtight, leakproof twist cap and a protective, grip-grabbing silicone sleeve. This sleek and stylish thirst-quencher comes in three designer colors. Drink up!

2. The last thing you want is to spend your holiday in a sick bed, so protect yourself with our handy Hand Sanitizer from Intelligent Nutrients. Toss this portable little bottle in your bag and rub on your hands whenever soap and water elude you. Unlike harsh conventional sanitizers, this safe and natural alternative eradicates 99.9% of unwanted germs without coating you with unwanted chemicals. It actually nourishes your skin with rich seed oils and herbal extracts, leaving a lovely vanilla and peppermint scent while keeping the microscopic bugs at bay.

3. If you're going to be spending any time in the sun, sea or pool, your vacation photos may be filled with bad hair shots if you're not careful. The elements are not kind to your mane, but you can combat this by using Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum by Yarok. It's a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and responsibly sourced oils that nourish your scalp and hair and protect it from damaging pool chemicals, drying sea salt and searing sun rays. Apply a few dropper fulls of this serum before you swim and after you're back on dry land and your follicles - and vacation photos - will thank you.

4. Despite all the warnings and common-sense commitments, lots of us do overdue it in the sun while on holiday. At this point it's too late to lecture you on the proper use of sunscreens, so what do you do when the damage is done? Pack a tin of Badger Bali Balm and you can soothe that sunburn with a surge of healing emollients including lavender, seabuckthorn berry, citrus and jojoba oil. Also good for healing bug bites and weather-dried skin, you'll be happy you have this tropical smelling just-in-case balm in your travel case.

5. Vacation time gives us license to eat, drink and burn the midnight oil a bit more than usual, often resulting in dark circles or puffiness around the eyes. Refresh your travel weary peepers with Eye Solace ampules from Dr. Hauschka. These liquid herbal eye compresses contain extracts of anthyllis, chamomile, black tea leaf and aptly named eyebright to soothe and comfort this delicate area. Kick back and lie down for 10 minutes with a pad over each socket to revive red, irritated or jet lagged eyes so you can push it for yet another late night out.

6. Pack the convenient Travel Kit by Dr. Alkaitis and you'll have a complete natural skin care regimen at your fingertips wherever you roam. Everything but the bathroom sink is in here, all in generous sample sizes that will last you about a month. This collection of premium holistic organic skin food includes a Purifying Facial Cleaner, Herbal Toner, Soothing Gel, Nourishing Treatment Oil, Day Crème, Night Crème, Eye Crème and mask, all in a compact and convenient travel pouch. It'll help you look as relaxed as a summer holiday.