Smells Like Love

February 14, 2008

I've always wanted to be a perfume girl. There's something alluring about leaving behind a mysterious trail of a delicate, lingering scent. And there's something intriguing about having a signature scent-a fragrance that you wear so much it starts to get associated with you. But most perfumes are too harsh for me, so I've spent a lifetime of smelling like soap and lotion. Not that it's a bad thing. But soap simply doesn't hold a candle to the romance of a bottle of perfume. Then Florascent entered my life. A unique brand of natural, organic perfumes, it has allowed me to dive into the world of indulgent perfumes. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, there's no better time to share my favorite Florascent fragrances perfect for date night, movie night or even just your average parent-teacher night. Plus, each gorgeous perfume is hand bottled and packed in a unique handmade paper container. The effect is just as stunning on your vanity as the scent is on your skin. 

If you're looking for a girly, feminine fragrance that's soft and delicate but not overly cloying or sweet, try the Pipapo or Mimosa fragrance blends. Pipapo's enticing combination of extravagant Bulgarian rose, soft jasmine, sandalwood, vetyver and vanilla is fanciful, but not over the top. And the Mimosa Perfume blends vibrant violet, mimosa, rose, tonka and rosewood to create a lush, tantalizing and tender fragrance. If something bright and citrusy, yet still flowery and romantic, is more your style, you'll love the Pivoine Perfume as much as I do. Crisp Sicilian lemon and tart tangerine stars along side a supporting case of peony, rose and jasmine for an end result that's light, sunny and absolutely divine.

Two other Florascent blends that are sure to put you in a romantic state of mind are the Rose Perfume and the Ylang Perfume. Not your grandmother's old fashioned rose, this Rose Perfume combines delicate rose with golden apricot, soft white flowers and smooth clove. Ylang Perfume blends ylang ylang, white flowers, tuberose and orange blossom for a fragrance that's part exotic, part sweet and completely whimsical. Each of these five fragrances is perfect for falling in love, rekindling an old flame or simply just making you feel positively alluring. After all, isn't that what perfume is all about?