Smooth Operator

August 12, 2008

Back in the day, being an organic enthusiast and environmental crusader was also associated with, among other things, not using a razor.  But times have changed and today you can be an earth-hugger without forgoing grooming. So yes, I heart all things organic. But I also occasionally splurge on massages and suffer through waxing. Along with shaving and waxing comes irritating little ingrown hairs, redness and sensitivity. And I know I have to suffer while I'm waxing, but suffering afterwards is optional. 

My very favorite post shave or wax product is Weleda Skin Food. It's an amazing multi-purpose cream that you can use on your cuticles as well as your bikini area.  I'm prone to tons of inflammation, redness and ingrown hairs. So I've tried dozens of products over the years. This one is the best. When I smooth it on right after I wax it really helps calm the redness and irritation. It contains organic Pansy extract (or Viola Tricolor extract for you brainiacs), which naturally soothes and heals with Salicylic Acid, tannins and flavonoids. Lanolin provides moisturizing benefits and the unique scent is the result of an essential oil blend that combines Lavender, Rosemary and Sweet Orange.

Another great post shave or wax skin calmer is the Santaverde Aloe Vera Body Lotion. It contains plenty of-you guessed it-organic Aloe Vera juice to calm and refresh irritated skin along with nourishing Macadamia and Coconut oils. Plus it's light both in texture and fragrance and soaks in really fast. So you don't have to wait around in the buff with nothing to do.

I hate ingrown hairs and they seem to always plague me. The best thing to do to prevent them and help banish current ones is exfoliating. Scrubbing skin, whether it's a gentle daily version or a more hard-core product that you use just a couple times a week, will remove pore-blocking dead skin cells. These cells are responsible for covering up the pore, giving the hair no place to poke through, which results in an ingrown hair. Exoliating is also great before shaving.  Removing those dead skin cells means there's less coming between your hair and your razor, giving you a closer shave.

Getting rid of ingrown hairs became a constant struggle until I started use the Jurlique Body Exoliating Gel. It's delicate enough to use everyday without irritating your skin. It cleanses your body while also scrubbing away those dead skin cells with tiny bits of natural Walnut shell. Another great option is the Ecocert certified Suzanne aux Bains Gentle Body Scrub. The soothing organic formula foams to wash away dirt and grime while scrubbing with Apricot kernels. It also smells really soft and wonderful. If you don't want to commit to a daily exfoliator, try the Inara Babassu Sugar Rub. Used two or three times a week, the 100% organic scrub polishes skin with raw Turbinado sugar and moisturizes with rich Brazilian Babassu oil. In fact, it leaves a light trace of oil on the skin that you can rub in after your shower-no extra moisturizer needed.

So whip out the razor and bring on the wax. After all, it's still summer. I guarantee you'll flaunt your silky smooth legs in those shorts, wear tank tops with ease and slip into that swimsuit without worrying about whether or not you need to hide in a sarong.