You've probably seen Rose Geranium listed as an ingredient while browsing through the ingredient lists of natural and organic products (some even on this site). So what exactly is it and why is it so good for your skin? It may sound like a hybrid of two different flowers, but the Rose Geranium is actually a simple geranium plant named for its pale pink, sometimes rose-scented petals. And oddly enough, the pretty flowers aren't even used when extracting the precious oil through steam distillation. The nourishing essential oil is actually captured from the leaves and stalks of the plant. 

When it comes to treating your skin, Rose Geranium is really one of the most universal essential oils available. It's beneficial for any skin type. So it won't irritate sensitive skin, while at the same time it soothes dry skin, helps control oil and even helps heal acne. all while giving skin a gorgeous, radiant glow. And if you need additional proof that this essential oil is definitely an all-star, it may also improve the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins as it stimulates both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Because it provides such a wide range of benefits, you can find Rose Geranium in everything from balms to body oils.

To do everything from balance your skin to soothe sunburns, rashes and insect bites, try the Primavera Rose Geranium Water. The Natural Balance Balancing Toning Mist blends the Rose Geranium with refreshing Orange Blossom, Green Tea and Witch Hazel extract to mildly soften and clarify all skin types. And then there's Balm Balm's collection of Rose Geranium balms. The Rose Geranium Face Balm was actually voted 'Best Organic Beauty Product' at the 2007 Soil Association Industry Awards in the UK, where the line originated. Its multi-purpose formula can be used from head to toe and is delicately scented with rose. Balm Balm also makes a Rose Geranium Hand Balm and a Rose Geranium Lip Balm, both which can be smoothed on to rough cuticles and anywhere else you need a dose of fragrant hydration.

If you're simply looking for a pure, essential oil, I love the Primavera Rose Geranium Oil. Primavera organically cultures and steam-distills the precious leaves in Egypt, producing an essential oil that is completely pure and of the highest quality. You can use it alone or blend it with other oils to create a bath oil, body oil or develop a natural perfume. It can also be diffused into the air to help uplift, distress and balance your state of mind. So next time you see Rose Geranium listed as an ingredient, remember that it works on everyone to do a multitude of things. Yet an ingredient is only as good as its level of quality. Always look for organic or biodynamic ingredients to be sure that you're spending your money on potent and effective products (like the ones I've mentioned here) and not imitation oils posing as the real deal.