Tea Party

October 11, 2007

Whether it's a steaming cup of green or earl grey in the winter or a iced glass with lemon during the dog days of summer, there's nothing quite like tea. Sure I love the taste, but I also love the antioxidants and other body-benefiting ingredients that are packed into every little bag. But if you thought those ingredients only had advantages when consumed internally, you're about to discover a whole new way to benefit from what's inside a bag of tea. 


This flowering herb makes a soothing perfect-at-bedtime tea. But the delicately scented, comforting herb also helps calm, balance and soothe the skin. You can buy it as a pure, essential oil (I love Primavera's biodynamic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil) or find it as a key ingredient in other organic products.

You'll find organic Chamomile oil in many of Erbaviva's products for baby. It's paired with Lavender oil to create a scent that helps soothe and relax your baby. And while I love all of the Erbaviva products, my current favorite is the all-natural Childrens Sunscreen SPF 15. It's perfect for the whole family, and is especially useful for adults with extra sensitive skin. The naturally moisturizing Baby Cream comes in at a close second.

Then we have Jurlique's Chamomile-Rose Hydrating Essence. It lightly hydrates while calming and soothing sensitive, irritated skin. Plus, it just feels indulgent, like a high-end spa treatment. You add 4-6 drops to a bowl of warm or hot water, saturate a soft cloth in the aromatic water and wrap it around your face and neck.

Black, Green and White Tea

Although the names would have you believe otherwise, these three teas actually come from leaves on the exact same plant (Camellia sinensis). The difference only comes in the processing phase. Black tea leaves are oxidized to bring out a full-bodied flavor and dark color. Green Tea isn't oxidized at all. And White Tea leaves come from tender new buds for the most delicate flavor of the three.

Pure, Camellia Seed Oil, like Primavera's organic version, is rich in essential fatty acids to restore elasticity and smoothness to dry, rough skin. It also soothes irritated skin and helps balance oil production and unclog pores for acne-prone skin. Quite the little miracle oil isn't it? Primavera Active Body Lotion uses Green Tea extracts to help nourish and protect the skin. I love the eye-opening scent of Ginger and Lime, which really helps wake me up on mornings I'd rather just crawl back into bed.

Dr. Hauschka's Volume Mascara and Translucent Face Powder Compact both contain Camellia sinensis extract to help soothe and protect. The silky soft powder naturally helps even out your complexion and banishes shine. Meanwhile, the amazing Volume Mascara conditions lashes while enhancing them for clump-free, dramatic volume.


The antithesis of soothing Chamomile, Peppermint stimulates the senses to refresh and reinvigorate. Peppermint tea is often used to help reduce nausea, and Primavera's organic Peppermint Oil can be used for just that. It's also perfect for headaches. One of my favorite products is the Primavera Clear Mind Aroma Roll-On. Made with 100% pure, natural essential oils, the tiny roll-on is perfect to stash in your bag or while traveling. It naturally helps soothe and clear the mind, and because it's natural yet powerful, the roll-on is my first defense against headaches.

Pangea Organics Indian Green Tea with Mint & Rose Petals Bar Soap may be a mouthful to say, but all of those yummy ingredients work together to create an amazing soap that's perfect for men and women. Each organic extract has natural healing properties to nourish skin, while invigorating the senses. And while you're in the shower condition and detangle hair with John Masters Organics Rosemary & Peppermint Detangler. Perfect for fine hair, it smoothes, strengthens and restores shine without weighing it down. Plus the combination of Rosemary and Peppermint wakens the senses better than a cup of coffee (well, almost).