The Eyes Have It

February 3, 2009

There are things we know we should be doing but are always procrastinating until 'tomorrow’. Taking our vitamins, working out, finally organizing that box of photos. after all, we’re always too busy, tired or stressed to do it now. If you’re like me you may even get all dressed to work out with your sneakers tied, yet still not manage to get to the actual exercising part. Or maybe you leave your vitamins on the kitchen counter but never open the cap. The same can be said for applying an eye cream. You know it’s beneficial, but after cleansing and moisturizing, do you really want to waste any more time in front of the bathroom mirror?  The answer is unequivocally yes. Whether you’re battling dark shadows, bags, irritation or fine lines taking an extra minute during your routine will reap big rewards.

When it comes to formulas, creams are the obvious and most popular choice. They smooth on easily and are heavy enough to really target your most serious eye issues. The Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème is a great option that tackles a multitude of problems. The raw plant formula includes organic ingredients along with the special Eye Rejuvenation Support Complex to moisturize while combating dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. What really stands out about this eye cream is it’s absolute purity. Because the eye cream is hand manufactured and the ingredients never heated above room temperature to preserve the healing properties, I know I’m getting a product that is superbly efficient.

I also love the Santaverde Aloe Vera Eye Cream because it smoothes the skin while increasing elasticity. With an organic Aloe Vera juice base (grown and harvested on their own plantation) the formula includes Mango, Apricot and Passion Fruit oils to protect, Hops to calm and soothe and Tigergrass (in the bamboo family) to increase the production of collagen. The Weleda Wild Rose Eye Cream is super light and fragrance-free. Ideal if you want to firm up the eye area while reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines, it’s blended with organic Rosehip oil and Orpine, which nourishes and revitalizes. The formula is rounded out with biodynamic Eyebright, famous for soothing tired, strained eyes.

Dr.Hauchka makes organic products for the entire body-from shampoo to foot balm-and they are all amazing. But if I had to choose just one line that’s my favorite, I think it would have to be the face care line. The Eye Contour Day Balm is a perfect example of why I adore these products so much. Created with holistic plant oils it protects and refines the skin to ward off premature aging caused by sun damage and other aggressors. And although the cream is rich and luscious, it quickly melts into the skin to immediately soothe and protect – it is the thickest eye cream we have.

If your skin is on the oily side, you may want to forgo using an eye cream. Luckily there’s the Living Nature Firming Eye Gel, which is perfect for combination and oily skin types. It calms, soothes puffy eyes and firms with Harakeke – a plant native to New Zealand, where the brand is based. Manuka Honey helps moisturize without clogging pores or leaving any heavy residue. Another great, light eye product is the Dr.Hauschka Eye Solace. Ideal after a wild night (whether that entails a wild party or wild children who won’t sleep) it’s sublimely refreshing and reviving. The compress helps soothe and renew while reducing redness and swelling with Eyebright, Camellia and Fennel extracts. I always have on hand to help me look a little more rested when the situation calls for it.

With all of these great options, how can I not take a little extra time to nurture and protect my eye area?  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself every time I see the little jar staring back at me. Applying an eye product daily is my new goal. I’m seizing the day. No more procrastinating. Now if only I could actually get to the gym…