The Ultimate Jet Set

January 24, 2008

Maybe it's because of what I do for a living, or maybe it's just my natural curiosity, but when I first arrive at a hotel I have to check out what's in the bathroom. Sure I've been to hotels where the florescent-lit bathroom holds a veritable who's who of gorgeous toiletries. But unfortunately that's usually not the case. Instead there's a little basket filled with identical mystery bottles in varying shades of green, amber, etc. With one sniff I know the cloying, perfume-scented formulas will only irritate my sensitive skin. So it's a good thing I always travel with an arsenal of organic goodies. My favorite carry-on obsession right now is the Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit. 

Thehand-manufactured products are made with certified organic, biodynamic or ethically wild-crafted (obtained from unspoiled wilderness areas in a sustainable manner) plant ingredients that are left in their raw state. And raw ingredients mean better quality skin care. Each and every product in the Travel Kit (and in the entire line for that matter) is biologically active and completely edible. Think of it as food for your skin. And because these holistic ingredients actually adapt to your individual skin's needs, your skin will feel amazing whether you're in sunny, humid Florida or on a frigid Alaskan cruise. I also love that the products work on everyone. So if I'm having a dry skin moment, but my husband's skin is pretty normal, we can both still use the products.

The Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit comes with eight products: the Purifying Facial Cleanser, Herbal Toner, Soothing Gel, Nourishing Treatment Oil, the Day, Night and Eye Crèmes, and a single use mask. Besides the mask, the rest of the products hold enough of the amazing formulas to last you about 10 days. Plus, they come in sizes small enough to be allowed in your carry-on bag. And they come packaged in a clear reusable plastic pouch. So you can just toss it into your bag and you're ready to tackle airport security.