I travel a lot. Or at least I attempt to. But as I'm tossing swimsuits or walking shoes into my suitcase, I always dread what's ahead. packing my toiletries. My normal ones are too big to lug around and many 'travel' sizes don't last past the initial few days. So when I first saw the Living Nature Essentials collection I was immediately intrigued. Each of the five kits (four for face, one for body and hair) includes everything you need to stick with your bathroom routine-and the sizes will definitely last you awhile. Each of Living Nature amazing products is tucked away in its own mesh compartment. The whole kit gets rolled up and is sealed with a sturdy piece of Velcro It's remarkable simple, yet truly genius. 

And it's not just what's on the inside that I love. Living Nature, based in New Zealand, is an amazing organic brand that's already loved in Europe, Asia and Australia. If you're not able to sit through that ridiculously long flight to New Zealand, you can still capture a small piece with the Living Nature collection. And since 80% of the plants that grow in New Zealand can be found nowhere else in the world, the formulas are completely unique. Living Nature nourishes and benefits the skin with active ingredients found in concentrated bioactive molecules. Or, to put it plainly, they harvest ingredients that the plants use to protect themselves from stresses such as dehydration, frost and insect attacks. These same bioactive molecules do the same thing for your skin-they protect and nurture.

Three of the kits are tailored for specific skin types: normal, oily and dry. Each contains three larger products (a cleanser, hydrating gel and moisturizer) and two 'sample' size ones (a firming cream and a night product). The Skin Essentials - Balancing kit gently clarifies oily skin, while maintaining a healthy moisture balance. The Skin Essentials - Energising kit helps nourish and vitalize normal to combination skin types to replenish moisture. And the Skin Essentials - Nourishing kit delicately calms and nurtures dry skin.  The fourth kit for face is strictly for the boys. The Skin Essentials - For Men kit contains a cleanser and shaving gel combo, an aftershave gel and a moisturizer. Each will soothe and rejuvenate, helping to balance, moisturize and prevent redness and irritation. Along with the face care kit of your choice, this final kit is also a must have. Containing four shower essentials-a body wash, hand and body cream, shampoo and conditioner-the Body Essentials - Vitalising kit will nourish and nurture you from head to toe.

And although these little kits are ideal for travel, they're also the perfect way to test out the Living Nature brand. Each product is organic, unique and amazing. I could go on forever about why I love this brand, but instead read the newsletter to learn more. Plus, you'll be able to receive a special discount on the kits. It's your chance to experience the wonders of New Zealand for yourself.