Valentine's Wish List

February 5, 2013

Just when the December holiday hoopla is put to rest, Valentine’s emerges on the horizon. While this sends many a woman’s heart a-flutter, it puts most men into cardiac distress. Sad but true, not all guys are good with gifts, and the added pressure to get their paramours something “romantic” and “meaningful” is more than some can manage.

Let’s go easy on them this year. We’ve compiled a Valentine’s wish list of sensual, organic bath, body and beauty items that would make any woman swoon. All you have to do is casually leave this blog page open where they can stumble upon it or anonymously send them a link with the subject line “hint, hint.” Too subtle for your loveable caveman? Take charge and point out exactly what you want – or just buy it for yourself – lest you get stuck with drugstore chocolates and a tacky silk rose again!

Can there be a more apropos Valentine’s gift than a bottle of Infinite Love? Lotus Wei is a remarkable company that specializes in what they call floral alchemy, the art of using flower essences to create transformative mood-enhancing experiences. Exotic wildflowers are hand collected and carefully selected for their vibrational effects on your meridians and your states of mind, along the lines of aromatherapy without the strong essential oils. The Infinite Love concoctions contain orchid, lotus, magnolia and other essences which help to attract kindness, inspire charm, dissolve irritation, soothe the heart and stir affections. It comes in several different formats - an ingestible elixir, a facial serum, a spray-on mist and a perfume. Whichever you choose, it certainly makes an original romantic gift for the one you love.

For a more traditional-with-a-twist Valentine’s gift, how about an exquisite contemporary French fragrance from organic haute perfumery Honoré des Prés? This luxuriously eclectic line contains no petrochemical additives, no phthalates, no colorants and no irritants. What it does contain are quirky, unexpected essences from vegetables, flowers, herbs and seeds. Its modern botanical whimsy that works. Try Sexy Angelic, a sweet, seductive, feminine fragrance with a hint of almond, or Vamp à NY, a flirty homage to the cosmopolitan Big Apple. Or embrace your special bond with tropical Love Coconut, a sexy, beachy his-and-hers scent that partners can share.

Here’s a gift that requires a little manual labor, but the rewards – for the giver and receiver – are so worth it. A sensual massage oil like red flower’s Cardamom Amber Oil is sure to ignite that Valentine mood anytime of the year. Spicy notes of cardamom and black pepper increase circulation while earthy aromatics like vetiver and sandalwood help relax the muscles. Blended with jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and apricot oil, it’s a perfect balance of masculine and feminine essences so both parties can enjoy the relaxing, fragrant bliss. Quick absorbing and never greasy, it’s the kind of gift that nourishes the skin, the soul and the relationship.

What’s Valentine’s Day without a rose, the ultimate symbol of love? This time make it a rose infused bath and body set so you can pamper your skin from head to toe with its heavenly floral fragrance. Weleda’s Wild Rose Pampering Holiday Kit is a tantalizing twosome with a creamy body wash and a moisturizing body lotion, both coming up roses with elasticity enhancing ingredients including organic rose hip seed oil, rose damascena essential oil and wild rose. You’ll feel embraced by a romantic bouquet every time you shower.

Men aren’t mind readers, so perhaps the ultimate gift is a special something we get to choose for ourselves. A Saffron Rouge gift certificate might not be the most romantic gesture, but it is practical. Don’t consider it a cop out that screams “I don’t know what do get you” but rather a thoughtful touch that whispers “I love you enough to let you select something you really want.” Cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, bath and body products are such personal, intimate items, and unless your guy is really in tune with your beauty preferences (does such a man exist?) a $50, $100 or $200 e-gift certificate to an upscale organic online retailer is a fabulous option. It’s a good-for-him/good-for-her solution made even sweeter by the fact that neither the giver nor receiver have to leave the house – or even get dressed – to complete the transaction. Just think what you can do with all that extra time on your hands!