What I'm loving: Eye Solace

November 20, 2007

I've become quite a fan of Dr.Hauschka's Eye Solace. It's not a product that was created to become a necessity. But it sure became one in my life. At first I would use it during my nighttime bath. It's not unusual for me to work late into the night, and a nice soothing bath helps relax my body and calm my mind. The Eye Solace patches have become part of this evening ritual, relaxing my eyes after hours of staring at my computer. As an eye compress, Eye Solace relieves red, swollen, puffy, tired or irritated eyes, and helps relieve eyestrain and allergy symptoms. I also pack a few in my overnight bag when traveling. They're especially nice to soothe eyes after being stuck in a dry plane for hours. Occasionally in bad cases of rosacea, the eyes may become extremely dry and red, with other symptoms of itching, burning, excess tears, and the uncomfortable feeling of having sand in the eye. A soothing compress with Eye Solace should really help provide some relief. That was in the beginning, I have a whole new use for it. 

Although you won't find this usage on the box, someone I know at Dr.Hauschka USA recommended using the Eye Solace as eye drops. Of course I had to try it, now it's the main way I use this amazing product. I still enjoy the relaxing eye compresses, but over this past year my family has had a number of eye infections, styes and allergy-induced itchy eyes. To help soothe and ease, I put a single drop in each eye. I then put the remaining amount on the cotton pad and do the compress as usual. It's amazing how fast this method rejuvenates the eyes. And I should note that because you won't find this method on the box, I caution you to use it at your own discretion.

It works so well that it may seem like magic, but really it's just a perfect combination of a few healing plant ingredients. Here's a breakdown of what's inside:


When studying natural, healing plants, I was taught that Eyebright is the best plant for the eyes (hence the appropriate name). The tannins in the herb are known to soothe and calm irritated eyes, and become particularly powerful when combined with Camellia sinensis (Black Tea). The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and puffiness to calm and relieve infections and irritations. Eyebright works well as an eyewash. You'll notice that it's in pretty much every eye product we carry and in all the eye makeup.

Fennel seed

Traditionally used as an eyewash for irritations and infections, Fennel Seeds are rich in saponins and phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties help soothe and quell soreness and irritation caused by allergies or infections (such as Conjunctivitis).

German Chamomile

Used in traditional medicine for eczema and skin irritations, German Chamomile's anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties heal wounds and sooth allergies.

Warning: Information intended for educational purposes only. Please seek the advice of a medical professional.