Although I consider myself a beauty expert, I've never been big on wearing perfumes. I've always found them too strong, too heavy and too harsh and irritating. Plus there was the giant problem of me having allergies that had me running from the department store perfume people who tend to spritz first and ask questions later. Then Florascent came along. Created with organic essential oils, aromatic waters and other natural ingredients, the hand-packaged perfumes are incredibly unique. Plus there are scents that work for both men and women. And although there are several that I fell for, the one that I'm completely obsessed with right now is the light, tangy and soft Thé Vert

It's a fresh and beautiful blend of revitalizing Chinese green tea, Indian jasmine, velvety Osmanthus and cedarwood. These individual ingredients fuse together to capture a completely aromatic, uplifting and slightly citrusy fragrance. I also love how it's not overpowering, yet gently and softly lingers to help revitalize and invigorate. Technically it's a scent that works for both men and women, but I happen to prefer it on a man.

Each Florascents perfume has a similar strength to a traditional eau de toilette. They also last all day, which is almost never the case with other natural perfumes. The collection includes everything from classic Jasmine and Rose to more distinctive and refined blends such as Tango, Du Soleil and Casbah. Plus each scent is gorgeously packaged in glass bottle and placed inside a handmade paper container. They make ideal gifts, but are also perfect splurge items for just you.