There are some things in life that are just necessary evils. Mascara definitely falls into that category. The idea of fussing with something as tiny as eye lashes would be absurd in a parallel universe. But here on Earth, glossy, full and dark lashes are just expected. And they just make you feel prettier. When it comes to choosing a mascara I don't expect, nor want, cartoon looking lashes extending to my brows. I just want a basic lash upgrade using a product that doesn't irritate my eyes or poison the environment. That's just what I get with Living Nature's Thickening Mascara

Available in black and brown and blended with rich Manuka honey and oil from New Zealand, the Thickening Mascara nourishes your lashes to help keep them strong. True to its name, it actually does make them look thicker. Most brands pride themselves on a range of chemical ingredients and fibers to add volume. But Living Nature does it with pure Holloysite clay, which naturally adds texture and thickness. Even better, the unique, long-lasting formula doesn't clump, so your lashes look naturally voluminous. And with completely chemical-free ingredients, it won't irritate sensitive eyes.

For an easy daytime look, simply swipe on a single coat to the top lashes, starting at the base and wiggling the brush up towards the ends. To achieve extra volume, add another coat. If you've mastered the eyelash curler, make sure you curl before you coat. Trying to curl lashes already layered with mascara will only damage them while causing clumps. To easily, and gently, remove the Thickening Mascara grab a bottle of Living Nature's Eye Makeup Remover. The naturally soothing, divine-smelling formula quickly and efficiently removes every last trace of the mascara.