Although there's something to be said for aging gracefully, no one wants to be cast the part of the old crone before her time. After all, if you still feel young, you sure don't want to look like you belong at the local diner at 4pm eating the senior special. Yet at the same time, most of the anti-aging treatments and procedures available are downright scary. If you don't want to visit your local plastic surgeon or spackle on a chemical-laden product filled with ingredients built in a lab there's still hope. I was truly excited to hear about Dr.Hauschka's new Regenerating line specially created for mature skin. After all, I know how much time and care goes into all of their holistic products. So whenever there's something new, I'm one of the first to jump on board. 

There are four products in the line created for those over 40: a serum, a cream and two 28-day spray-on treatments similar to a facial toner. And although all of the products are great, it's truly the spray-on treatments that are truly spectacular. The Intensive Treatment 04 and the Intensive Treatment 05 both continue a plethora of precious ingredients (and when I say precious, I mean it literally. They contain precious stones that you'd also expect to see dangling off an earlobe) and can be used four times a year to help harmonize the skin and restore its natural rhythm. Your skin has rhythm you say? Yep, and it doesn't have anything to do with your ability to play the sax or dance the fox trot.

Rhythm is one of the biggest pieces of the Dr.Hauschka philosophy. Your skin is consistently recreating and balancing itself in a cycle. Dr.Hauschka believes in the 28-day rhythmic cycle and specially creates its products to support this healthy function. They also grow and harvest their organic and biodynamic ingredients using nature's rhythms to ensure super potent and active ingredients.

The Intensive Treatment 04 preserves and stimulates the skin's natural regenerative abilities while balancing, refining, toning and smoothing with hydrating precious Blue Tourmaline and Amber stones, regenerating Gold, hydrating Madonna Lily and Marsh Mallow, fortifying Gingko and Olive leaves and other holistic ingredients. The Intensive Treatment 05 reduces redness caused by hot flushes and helps eliminate menopause-related pigmentation on the face and neck caused by hormonal changes with brilliant Red Ruby and the silver-containing mineral Argentite, the harmonizing herbs Monk's Pepper and Black Cohosh and other natural ingredients. So don't let Mother Nature walk all over you. After all, if 40 is the new 30 than maybe healing precious stones will become the new Botox.