To be sold on Saffron Rouge, a product range has to first and foremost be as organic and natural as possible. Once I’ve scoured the ingredient lists, and ensured that they’re clean and pure, the next step is actually testing them out. After all, being organic isn’t everything: A product has to deliver great results too. All of the Inara products are completely effective, but with summer in full swing I’m currently relying specifically on the Babassu Sugar Rub.

My staff here at Saffron Rouge constantly rave how much they love the nourishing certified organic body exfoliator. It really is a wonderful product to keep skin soft and touchable. My Babassu Sugar Rub ritual goes something like this:

After locking the bathroom door (ensuring both husband and kids would leave me a few moments of much-deserved peace) I twist open the jar’s lid and am greeted with the invigorating and uplifting scent. A combination of grapefruit, rose geranium, mandarin, and sage essential oils, Inara’s signature Enliven scent blend is aromatherapeutic without being overpowering. The texture is enticingly smooth and grainy at the same time. Full of raw turbinado sugar and hydrating babassu oil from Brazil, it does double duty in the shower to both polish away dead cells and hydrate skin. After massaging in the scrub from head to toe, and giving myself a good rinse, a bit of oil still clings to my skin. But before I even had a chance to get dressed, it had soaked in, leaving it ridiculously soft and ready to be displayed in flirty skirts and tank tops.