Finding the perfect face cleanser for your skin is almost like the great quest for the Holy Grail. It seems impossible. And after countless tubes and bottles end up in the trash (or donated to friends) you start to wonder, "Is the perfect cleanser for me out there? 

After using Santaverde's Aloe Vera Cleansing Emulsion for the first time, I became enamored. A few weeks later (when most relationships with cleansers start to go downhill) I was still in love. The extra mild, light and creamy formula, perfect for dry or mature skin, washes away makeup and dirt without harming the protective outer layer of skin. Plus it delivers the perfect amount of skin-quenching moisture. Not so much that I feel greasy or not so little that my face feels tight. It's the absolute perfect amount.

How do they do it? It all starts with nutrient-rich, certified organic Aloe Vera juice that's grown and hand processed at Santaverde's plantation in southern Spain. This Aloe Vera replaces water (found in all other cleansers) as the base ingredient, to naturally provide your skin with all of the nutrients it requires. But the amazing ingredients don't stop there. Vitamin-rich Mango pulp is combined with pure pressed apple juice to gentle cleanse the skin. Grape Seed oil utilizes antioxidants to protect cells from premature aging and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins to calm, smooth and prevent dryness. Coconut oil supports dry skin, leaving it soft and tender. The end result is an amazing, fragrance free cleanser that's even suitable for the most sensitive skin. So my quest for a cleanser has been conquered. Now if only I could discover some amazing calorie-free organic chocolate.