Sometimes a product comes around that is just so cool, yet completely practical that I wonder why no one thought of it before. That's exactly the case with SukiColor's Pure Cream Stain, a creamy and hydrating product for lips and cheeks. It may look like an ordinary little pot, but the concentrated color and gentle Chamomile-filled aromatheraputic and 100% natural blend proves otherwise. 

There are seven shades that each work on all skin tones and types (even sensitive skin). You can add a bit of light, natural and juicy pink with Nectar or go dramatic with the deep, sensuous Vermillon, a rich burgundy shade. Each can be applied to the cheeks and lips with a light hand for a sheer wash of color. Or you can layer the color for a more bold approach. I've recently discovered how fun it is to mix shades together, unleashing my inner Degas while creating a personalized lip or cheek color. The little pot may appear pricy, but a little goes a long way, so it will last a long time. Plus the formula itself is so amazing: super creamy and soothing. Along with the Chamomile, it also holds pure, protective Rose wax, organic Jojoba oil and natural Vitamin E. So it treats the skin while giving you a pretty, natural-looking flush of color.

For a little extra moisture I apply the Suki Lip Repair Butter (coming to Saffron Rouge in the summer of 2008) first before smoothing on the Pure Cream Stain. And applying the stain to your cheeks when they're still dewy from your moisturizer will help you blend in the color evenly and naturally. It's definitely a must-have in my makeup bag. And it seems I'm not the only one. According to the December 2007 issue of InStyle magazine, the Pure Cream Stain is also a favorite of gorgeous, red carpet favorite Jennifer Garner. And here I thought that pretty flush just came naturally.