I'm not usually one to judge a skincare product solely based on its scent. That's like purchasing a novel just because you're partial to the cover art. But sometimes a really intriguing cover can lead to an unexpectedly unforgettable read. And the same goes with Suzanne aux bains. Regenerating Night Treatment. I was first drawn to the smell. The light, delicate combination of Wild Chamomile, Incense and Lavender essential oils is just simply divine-not to mention ultra nourishing. It really is the sort of scent you want to fall sleep to. 

So I'll admit that I was swayed by scent. It totally got me hooked. But luckily for my skin, there's so much more to this delectable cream. Packaged in an airless pump, the light texture is silky and luxurious. And the skin-enriching organic formula is Ecocert certified with a Cosmebio label and contains an exclusive skin-regenerating Nutri-Détente® complex. This exclusive blend full of nutrient-rich active ingredients is the secret behind the product's regenerating and anti-aging benefits. A synergy of Apricot kernel oil, Linden blossom extract and Mallow flower extract infuses the skin with flavanoids, Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids. Shea butter, Mediterranean Brown seaweed and Olive leaf extract round out the list of skin softening, youth capturing ingredients. The Regenerating Night Treatment can be used on all skin types (especially dry or sensitive skin) so everyone can benefit from the hydrating, anti-aging power-and the captivating scent.