I luckily stumbled upon Suzanne aux bains. over a year ago. Since then it's been my mission to bring the French line to Saffron Rouge. Suzanne aux bains. is a gorgeously packaged, completely organic line that carries the Ecocert 'Cosmebio' label as an organic product. (So you can trust that, unlike some other brands that you'll never see on Saffron Rouge, when they say organic, they mean it) When I first received samples, I immediately went for the facial moisturizer. You can usually tell the success of a line from the moisturizers. And yes, their Moisturizing Organic Day Treatment and Regenerating Organic Night Treatment are truly amazing. But then I happened to find something that completely surprised and amazed me-the Relaxing Organic Massage Oil. Now I like a body oil as much as the next woman, but they don't cause complete bliss and total jubilation. until now. 

The cylinder-shaped glass bottle is simple and pretty, highlighting the golden hued oil within. But what is really special about this product is the oil itself. You'll find yourself savoring every ounce, careful not to spill a drop. It's truly that captivating. A few other words I'd use to describe it are intoxicating, exotic, feminine and intriguing, with a hint of 'je ne sais quoi'. It evokes an early morning stroll through a dew soaked Mediterranean flower garden. Seriously, it does. And every time I wear it I get comments about how nice I smell (even from my husband, who hates anything too heavy and perfumey). Those who I deemed worthy to try a bottle pre-launch immediately wanted to get their hands on more. They would call or email me, passionately spilling out accolades about this product. So when I tell you it's 'just' a body oil, you have to trust me that it's really so much more.

So what's inside of this amazing oil that has everyone raving? Well the delectable scent is an intriguing combination of Jasmine, Mandarin, Ylang ylang, Chamomile and Lavender. It may sound simple enough, but when blended together something magical happens. (Similar to how ordinary ingredients can be combined to create the most amazing, decadent chocolate cake.) Not only will it having you furtively trying to get a whiff while standing in line at the supermarket, hoping the lady with the eggs and orange juice behind you didn't notice you smelling your own arm, but it's wonderful for your skin as well. Organic Apricot, Sesame and Jojoba oils work in conjunction to smooth away scaly calves or cracked heels. And since it's a massage oil after all, it creates the perfect opportunity to snag someone to rub some into your shoulders and back.

What's not inside? All of Suzanne aux bains. products are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG, mineral oils, silicone, colorants or synthetic fragrances. Nor are any of the ingredients of animal origin and none of the products are tested on animals. So try it for yourself. And don't forget to send me an email to let me know what you think about this deceptively simple body oil.