I had my third child not so long ago, and he's already teething up a storm. (Time certainly does fly by. Sometimes I wish my littlest could stay a baby forever.) Not only were his gums hurting, his little cheeks were so chapped and red. poor little guy. So being the super mom that I am (well, that I try to be), I grabbed for Erbaviva's Baby Lip & Cheek Balm from my treasure chest of organic baby gems. 
I gently slathered it over his cheeks and chin, and the very next day-voila-soreness gone. Since then it's become my can't-live-without secret weapon to keep his chubby little cheeks and chin smooth and soft. My daughter Saffron, who is mommy's 'so helpful' helper, loves to grab it herself to use as a massive, one-swipe-does-all 'lipstick'. And it's not just popular amongst the baby and toddler set. I was surprised to discover all of my staff members trying to get first dibs on the stick (for themselves not kids) when our debut order arrived from Erbaviva. It really is a great product that will have a permanent place in my diaper bag. Not only does it work miracles on baby's delicate skin, but it also proves to be a perfect, fun-to-chew-on distraction for wiggly babies during a diaper change. Now that really is a miracle.