Once you have kids going to the beach no longer requires just a towel, a trashy novel and one tube of all-purpose sunscreen. Now you need swim-approved diapers, water toys, buckets and shovels, snacks and an entire arsenal of sunscreen. Because, after all, the same sunscreen that works for you, won't necessarily work for your baby and that sunscreen may not work for your toddler. Pretty soon you're toting enough tubes to rival the local drug store. 

Not anymore. Weleda has introduced their Children's Sunscreen SPF 18 that provides water resistant, mineral-based sun protection to everyone in your family. And you can slather it on their cheeks with confidence knowing that the organic formula gives ideal protection for even the most sensitive skin. It shields delicate skin from UVA and UVB rays with micronized natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals. You're giving your family broad-spectrum sun protection without soaking them in unnecessary chemicals. Soothing sesame, carrot and jojoba oils and nurturing shea butter is an added bonus. So whether it's a quick trip to the playground or a day at the beach, reduce the amount of kid-friendly gear you have to tote around with Weleda's one-formula-fits-all sunscreen.