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Organic Body Balms

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Sniffles Chest Balm $16.00 $13.60 15% off 4.8333 By Erbaviva 40mL/1.4fl.oz
Patchouli Lime Body Balm $6.00 $5.10 15% off 4.3333 By Dr. Bronner's 14g/0.5 oz
Unscented Baby Balm $6.00 $5.10 15% off 3 By Dr. Bronner's 14g/0.5 oz
Baby Lip & Cheek Balm $13.00 4.2857 By Erbaviva 20mL/0.66fl.oz
Halo Body Spotlight $36.00 $30.60 15% off 4.4 By Vapour 15.9g/0.56 oz
Peppermint Body Balm $6.00 $5.10 15% off 2 By Dr. Bronner's 14g/0.5 oz
Cold Cream $16.85 5 By Weleda 29g/1 oz Out of stock
Orange Lavender Body Balm $6.00 4.5 By Dr. Bronner's 14g/0.5 oz Out of stock
Naked Body Balm $6.00 4.5 By Dr. Bronner's 14g/0.5 oz Out of stock
Cacao & Cupuacu Hand & Body Butter $32.00 4.4 By John Masters Organics 120mL/4fl.oz Out of stock
Raw Coconut Cream $18.00 4.3448 By RMS Beauty 70g/2.4 oz Out of stock
Baby Balm $5.95 $4.16 30% off 4.8 By Badger Out of stock

With their rich and buttery consistency, these organic body balms will moisturize even the driest skin.

Put on a layer of these lush body balms and enjoy the benefits of their all-natural plant oil or beeswax base. Perfect for applying to dry elbows, feet, lips, or other dry patches around the body, these rich formulas are made with little to no water content, so you can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of their special treatment. You’ll be left with a smooth, soft, and touchable surface that no one can resist.