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Reviews for Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit

By Dr. Alkaitis

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By Frankie on January 3, 2013

Overpowering and sickening scents 1

The scents are much too strong and made me noxious. I suspect they use fragrance because essential oils are very volatile, meaning the scents don’t stick around for long. The creams are whipped but still greasy. I have normal to dry skin and I had to put powder over my face to get rid of the shine.
Overall these products are not nearly as sophisticated as Dr Hauschka’s especially the regenerating cream, which I highly recommend.

By A on January 2, 2013

Good deal, but not for everyone 3

I bought this trial kit after checking out sample kits on Saffron Rouge. Personally, I really liked the smell of the products and the products themselves made my skin feel nice after first application. After some time, however, my face became a bit shiny – and might not be a good fit for people with oilier skin. I calculated the price of the full-size products versus the sizes and price in the trial kit and the trial kit was a better deal!

By Jacqueline on December 16, 2012

Perfect for every skin type! 5

This is a fantastic travle kit with phenomenal products that will make your skin glow!! Absolutely nothing you couldn’t feasibly eat yet completely active ingredients nourish rather than strip, and encourage clarity rather than mask symptoms of bad skin. A MUST use!

By C on December 14, 2012

Great products. 5

Great way to sample to line…some samples ran out within 3 weeks, but I still have plenty left of other samples. Great products.

By Katie on August 1, 2012

Great trial kit 5

I bought this for my sister for a christmas present. It has all the best of the Dr. A products, and she was a convert after trying it. If you haven’t tried this line yet, it’s a great intro!

By Waffy on July 15, 2012

Not for all skin types 2

I was really excited about trying out the products after reading the raving reviews. I was very disappointed, the cleanser striped all the moisture from my skin, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. I had to apply a very generous layer of moisturiser every morning and evening after cleansing and sometimes in the afternoon. This product claims to be suitable for all skin type, my skin is of sensitive and combination skin type and it didn’t work very well on it.

By Gina on June 30, 2012

WOW, I am hooked for life! 5

I recently switched to organic everything. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this line a whirl. OMG, this stuff is amazing and made my switch less painful. I will admit, everything I love from makep to skincare has chemicals. I never thought my switch would be such a success. I am over the moon about this line and the results. My skin looks fabulous and it’s glowing. I have only been using for a few day too. Can’t wait to see the results after a few months. I used the sample mask they included and another wow product. I am hooked for life! :)

By Heather on June 26, 2012

So happy with these products 4

I bought the travel kit in April to give this product line a try. As I close in on age 40 I had started noticing lines appearing at the outside corners of my eyes and decided that I would find an organic line of products and get serious about a daily skin routine. Man, I wish I had found these products sooner. I wash each morning and evening with the Cleanser followed by the Toner. My skin is oily, only drying at times during the winter, and these two products definitely help to control the oil. I still get breakouts at certain times during the month, but the Soothing Gel definitely tones down the redness and helps the acne heal faster, literally in about 36 hours the red spot is gone. The Nourishing Oil smells wonderful and also helps with acne. It seems counter-intuitive to put oil on acne but it really does shorten the time I have the acne.

Since my skin is so oily, I refrain from wearing the Day Creme. I tried it once and I was not enamored with the smell of the creme plus it made my face very shiny by day’s end. I put the Night Creme on maybe once or twice a week. I have not yet tried the mask that came with the travel kit.

In the two months since I started with the cleansing and toning every day, the lines at the corners of my eyes have disappeared. My skin has plumped up that those lines are gone. I still have the worry lines on my forehead, but perhaps in time those will also fade a little. The travel kit cleanser and toner lasted me for two months of twice a day use.

Overall, I was so happy with this line that I am currently in the process of buying the full-size products.

By Maggie on May 29, 2012

Must Have it 5

essential to anyone that loves quality, natural, and effective products. I have tried it all and this is worth every cent you spend. i have recommended it to all my friends and everyone is hooked. i adore this line and refuse to use anything else. it helps your skin breath, glow and reach its potential. no chemicals, no dyes, no perfumes and what is better then tons of compliments about your skin?

By Mireille on May 13, 2012

Great Products 5

This is an excellent starter kit. The amounts are very generous & will last at least 1 month. You get to try all the products. My fave are the eye cream & the oil. I got rid of fine lines around the eyes in 1 week. Perfect for somebody who does not want to pick between a tone of different products.

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