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Reviews for Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit

By Dr. Alkaitis

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By Alyssa on December 25, 2011

Great way to try out Dr. H! 4

I bought the travel kit this past summer because my skin was freaking out. Generally my skin is combination and acne-prone, just oily in the t-zone, but in the hot, humid summer, it really goes crazy. These products really helped tone it down, especially the cleanser, toner, soothing gel, and oil. The oil smells amazing and you can literally use it everywhere – my favorite of the bunch. The soothing gel is great for acne. Didn’t really use the night cream or eye cream, but I rarely use products like that. The moisturizer is a bit shiny, but it’s actually really great to mix with a matte foundation, and would probably be good for people with dry skin.

By Robin on November 25, 2011

Great product. 5

I bought this travel kit along with a couple others to find a natural replacement for my current skin care products. This was the first of the sets that I tried and I was very impressed. I am 46, my skin is sensitive and easily becomes red and irritated, and I still get occasional blemishes. While using the product I had no blemishes, no irritation, and my skin glowed. The only problem was that I really did not like the smell of the day cream. All of the other products had a pleasant or neutral scent. All of the products in the kit lasted well over 2 weeks.

By Kate on September 19, 2011

Good sampler 4

I got this for my kid sister for her birthday. It’s a great way to sample the different products.

By Veronica on August 12, 2011

Perfect Travel Set 5

Thank you Dr. Alkaitis for making a travel kit! I took this with me on a 10 day trip to Mexico and all the products worked like a charm. Everything was light, refreshing, and nourishing – even in high humidity and temperatures. This kit has everything you need for a trip to care for your skin.

By Eco on August 2, 2011

Great intro to the product line at a very good value 5

If you are considering trying Dr. Alkaitis products but don’t want the risk of paying for full-sized products, then this kit is for you – it is a great introduction to this line. I was hesitant about the price but found that a little goes a very long way with most all the products in the kit. I’ve used all the products for awhile and the toner, treatment oil, and soothing gel (I can not say enough good things about how this gel calms skin irritation) are my favorites. I found the cleanser didn’t work for me though – my skin felt a bit taut after washing (I have combo skin that loves to flake on the cheeks and break out along the jawline and hairline).

By Newyorker on February 20, 2011

A great introduction to a skin care line that works! 5

I tried the Dr. Alkaitis travel kit after my previous two natural skin care lines just weren’t working for me. Whoa—this line works!!! The travel kit is the perfect introduction to the line, and I have also ordered it a few times for traveling. A little goes a long way, so I have found that the travel sizes easily last up to 2 weeks. I have sensitive and blemish-prone skin, and these products have left my skin in the best shape it has ever been!

By Lm on February 16, 2011

All you need 5

This kit is fantastic! I love the eye cream. Smooths out my dry lines. The day and night creams were very moisturizing as well. The cleansers are refreshing. The oil is very moisturizing on my shaved legs and helps keep my feet & heels smooth. This is a fantastic kit!

By Gls on February 15, 2011

Mixed review 4

The great thing about a travel kit is you get to try lots of new products. I loved the cleanser, night cream, eye cream and nourishing oil. The toner was okay, but the day cream irritated my skin. Have not tried the mask.

By Dh on February 15, 2011

Great kit! 5

The volumes are truly travel size – I used only half of the kit while traveling for 10 days. I thought my previous organic skin care line was amazing until I used this line. I keep coming back to these products because they work, they have a wonderful fragrance and my skin feels good and hydrated without being greasy. My favorites are the cleanser, toner and day creme.

By Pf on January 29, 2011

Great products - great value. 5

I read about Dr. Alkaitis in a magazine and wanted to try his products. The Travel Kit is a wonderful way to do it. The sizes are long lasting enough to let your skin really experience each treatment so the kit is good value. I have sensitive mature skin and liked each product. My favorites are the Soothing Gel, the Eye Creme and the Cleanser.

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