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Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème  

Organic Day Crème

Hydrate and protect all skin types with this non-greasy, medium-weight moisturizer.

By Dr. Alkaitis


Size: 30mL/1fl.oz

Country: United States

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème


26 customer reviews

Hydrate and protect all skin types with this non-greasy, medium-weight moisturizer.

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More about this product

The raw plant-ingredient formula leaves skin soft and radiant. Created from a distinct blend of organic, biodynamic or ethically wild-crafted herbs and oils, the cream is so pure it’s edible (not that we recommend it). The carefully selected ingredients bring oxygen to the skin's surface by stimulating circulation while natural sun filters protect against future damage for a silky soft and glowing complexion. Has a delightfully sweet scent. Packaged in an airless container to help preserve the freshness and purity of the raw formulation. Lasts approximately two months.


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By Susan on August 12, 2011

wonderful product 4

I have tried many moisturizers over the years. Dr Alkaitis day creme is not as creamy as others but you can actually feel it absorbing into your skin. It is also the only creme I have ever tried that works under my under eye concealer and does not crease or flake even after the entire day! I just received my free samply of the eye creme and am excited to see the results from this exceptional company's products.

By Ashley on April 15, 2013

Not overly impressed 3

I tried a sample of this moisturizer and wasn't overly impressed. I much prefer Dr. H moisturizers, especially for the price. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it, other than that it didn't absorb particularly well. Still, it contains great ingredients.

By Megan on April 7, 2013

Felt strange on skin and scent was overwhelming. 3

This moisturized alright (not overly amazing, but I could tell my skin had improved a bit and held some hydration), but I did not like the feeling of it on my skin. Even when it had sunken in completely, it was like I could still feel that there was a layer of something all over my face; it was strange. As well, I have acne-prone skin and I could tell from my skin's early reactions that this would cause me to break out if I continued to use it at length. (That could just be me, though - my skin is very picky). Additionally, I found the scent to be very overwhelming and unpleasant... to me it smelled like jojoba oil and some other herbal scent that I could not identify. The scent also did not fade very quickly. I wore it for more than 5 hours before I noticed the scent finally dissipate. Personally, I couldn't imagine wearing this cream all day, every day. And the price tag is not justified, to me.

By C on September 25, 2012

Glowy 4

I really like the "glowy" effect this gives me. However, It doesn't really work for my skin type. I have oily/combination skin, where I get dry-ish patched on my cheeks and around my nose. This cream moisturizes, but does not really "sink in" to my skin, it kind of sits on top and never really gets absorbed. That being said, I can imagine this working for those with a different skin type.

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Directions for use

After cleansing, apply sparingly and massage into skin. Store at room temperature to help protect the pure, live ingredients.


Organic Aloe Vera gel*, virgin cold pressed Organic Shea butter*, Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex (compounded from the organic herbs St. John’s Wort flowers*, Water Navelwort*, Horsetail*, Coltsfoot*, Marigold Blossoms* and Echinacea root*). Vegetable Lecithin, full spectrum natural vitamin E complex (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), Natural vitamin C complex, Citrus seed extracts, 100% pure Essential Oils.

* Certified organically grown.
† Ethically wild-crafted

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