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Reviews for Organic Day Crème

By Dr. Alkaitis

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By Anonymous on November 16, 2014

Overall a gentle albeit overpriced cream 4

I like this cream but I don’t love it. The night cream is far more soothing, and works just as well for day as this one. For some reason my skin just doesn’t feel as nourished and supple after using this as it does with the night cream. Also, I like the scent of the night cream a bit better.

By Wendie on October 17, 2014

You get what you pay for! 5

I love this day cream, light and airy…I wish it came in larger size for the price.

By Joanne on January 23, 2014

Love Dr. Alkaitis Products! 5

This moisturizer is the only day creme I will use. I am prone to adult acne as well and this is the one I will stick to. Others just don’t agree with my skin. I personally like the scent. Love Dr. Alkaitis products!

By Diana on October 30, 2013

Helpful in Winter 4

I have tried many different face creams in the past. This is the only one that I have found not make me break out. I don’t need it in the summer months, but use it daily when is gets cold out. I am 35 and still prone to acne breakouts. This is the only cream that seems to work for my skin.

By Ashley on April 15, 2013

Not overly impressed 3

I tried a sample of this moisturizer and wasn’t overly impressed. I much prefer Dr. H moisturizers, especially for the price. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it, other than that it didn’t absorb particularly well. Still, it contains great ingredients.

By Erin on April 9, 2013

Nice light summer moisturizer 4

I received this as a sample and was surprised at the lovely scent and moisturizing. I have extra dry skin however, so this will only work for me for the summer months.

By Megan on April 7, 2013

Felt strange on skin and scent was overwhelming. 3

This moisturized alright (not overly amazing, but I could tell my skin had improved a bit and held some hydration), but I did not like the feeling of it on my skin. Even when it had sunken in completely, it was like I could still feel that there was a layer of something all over my face; it was strange. As well, I have acne-prone skin and I could tell from my skin’s early reactions that this would cause me to break out if I continued to use it at length. (That could just be me, though – my skin is very picky). Additionally, I found the scent to be very overwhelming and unpleasant… to me it smelled like jojoba oil and some other herbal scent that I could not identify. The scent also did not fade very quickly. I wore it for more than 5 hours before I noticed the scent finally dissipate. Personally, I couldn’t imagine wearing this cream all day, every day. And the price tag is not justified, to me.

By C on September 25, 2012

Glowy 4

I really like the “glowy” effect this gives me. However, It doesn’t really work for my skin type. I have oily/combination skin, where I get dry-ish patched on my cheeks and around my nose. This cream moisturizes, but does not really “sink in” to my skin, it kind of sits on top and never really gets absorbed. That being said, I can imagine this working for those with a different skin type.

By Katie on August 1, 2012

Another amazing Dr. A product 5

Great results and great scent! Might be a bit heavy in the humid summers, but great for winter

By Liz on May 2, 2012

Good warm weather moisturizer 4

I love the texture, smell and ingredients. Unfortunately, it wasn’t emollient enough for my 40+ skin over the winter. Will enjoy this summer though.

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