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Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel  

Organic Soothing Gel

Delicately calm inflamed and irritated skin with this antibacterial gel ideal for soothing bites, sunburns and rashes as well as acne, eczema and rosacea.

By Dr. Alkaitis


Size: 120mL/4fl.oz

Country: United States


23 customer reviews

Delicately calm inflamed and irritated skin with this antibacterial gel ideal for soothing bites, sunburns and rashes as well as acne, eczema and rosacea.

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Organic Soothing Gel By Dr. Alkaitis 120mL/4fl.oz
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More about this product

The softening formula makes a great daily moisturizer for sensitive acneic skin. Organic aloe vera and witch hazel also calm skin after shaving, waxing, chemical peels or harsh microdermabrasion treatments. Has a sweet herbal scent.


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By Stephanie on November 27, 2013

Despite rave reviews, did nothing for me. 3

I've been using this once a day for a couple months now - one thing for sure, the bottle goes a long way! I really wanted to love this gel. The texture is lovely, more of a serum than a gel and sinks right into your skin. It's very soothing. But it didn't really do anything for my skin.

By Stephanie on September 23, 2013

I really, really want to love this. 4

I do find this is very soothing. I've been using it twice a day for about a month now, and while I love the texture and I'm sure it's good for my skin, I haven't noticed any improvement in blemishes in that time. I am not quite halfway through the bottle, so maybe it just needs a bit more time to work...? So far, I'm sort of on the fence about repurchasing. I mean, it's very soothing and it has worked very well for healing small scrapes etc. and as an aftershave gel, and it probably is helping my skin heal itself, but haven't noticed any real impact on my mild to moderate acne so far. Maybe I will try using it only at night as suggested by Kim. I also personally love the smell, but it is a little strong (you will smell a bit like an incense stick, due to the myrrh).

By Kattiuska on October 4, 2013

great for blemish prone skin 5

I have been using Dr. Alkaitis for over a year now and so far I am very pleased with the outcome! I know his products may be a bit pricey, but they last a long time! You notice a difference in your skin immediately. I love, love, love his products and so will you!!

By Kim on August 29, 2013

Amazing product! 5

I really, really love this gel. I bought the full-size bottle because of the great reviews, and I was not disappointed. I like to use this on my face before bed, after cleansing and toning. This gel in very light, smells delightfully herbal and absorbs well into the skin. It makes my skin look wonderfully clear and radiant, as long as I only use it once daily. For some reason when I use it morning AND night it causes me to breakout. No idea why, but the once daily regimen is fine for me. It's also an AMAZING aftershave. It soothes irritated skin and prevents razor burn and those annoying little red bumps. Will keep repurchasing for years to come.

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Directions for use

Apply a few drops of the easy-to-spread gel where needed, gently pressing into skin with your fingertips. Be sure to tightly secure the lid to preserve the pure, organic, live ingredients.


Into a base of Organic Aloe Vera gel* and Witch Hazel† the following organic and wild-crafted herbals are blended: organic grape alcohol* (from the fermentation of organically grown grapes). Greater Nettle*, Wild Chamomile†, Myrrh†, European Orange*, Benzoin†, Rosemary*, Olibanum†, Wild Fennel†, Balm Mint*, Sea Oak†, Atlantic Kelp† and Red Seaweed†. Also added are natural vitamin B and vitamin C complexes

* Certified organically grown
† Ethically wild-crafted

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