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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Emanuel Bronner, a third-generation master soap maker, started making his iconic natural soaps in 1948. Sixty years later, Dr. Bronner’s has developed a well-earned reputation for being pure, versatile, and high quality at an affordable price. The company is still family-run and continues to uphold the rigorous standards that made the brand what it is today. In Recent years, Dr. Bronner’s has become well known for defending the integrity of the organic industry by crusading against brands that falsely claim to be natural. All Dr. Bronner’s products are USDA Certified Organic with most being Fair Trade certified. Learn more »

Dr. Bronner's offers products in 4 categories:
Lavender Bar Soap $5.40 $4.59 15% off
Eucalyptus Bar Soap $5.40 $4.59 15% off
Tea Tree Bar Soap $5.40 $4.59 15% off
Lavender Coconut Lotion $12.00 $10.20 15% off
Patchouli Lime Lotion $12.00 $10.20 15% off
Lavender Shaving Gel $10.80 $9.18 15% off
Lemongrass Lime Shaving Gel $10.80 $9.18 15% off
Unscented Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off
Tea Tree Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off
Lavender Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off