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Reviews for Citrus Conditioning Rinse

By Dr. Bronner's

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By Melissa on May 12, 2012

Super Impressed! 4

I bought this along with Dr. Bronner’s Shikikai shampoo/soap. The first time I tried it, I was a little hesitant because of the color and having to dilute it but I was very impressed with the result. I don’t think I will ever go back to any other brand. The smell is absolutely wonderful and my hair is smooth and shiny all day. Do be careful about getting it into your eyes, though. It does sting.
I found that using 1 capful diluted in 1 cup of water works great for my medium length hair. I would not recommend using the leave-in conditioner in addition to this. It will make your hair look a bit greasy. Either product on its own is excellent.

By Irishlass on April 17, 2012

Refreshing! 5

Who doesn’t like the refreshing, invigorating zing of citrus in the shower. I love this using the rinse to cap off my shower. You do have to play with it to figure out the right dilution ratio for your hair and scalp, but once you get the hang of it you will love how it makes your hair look and feel – not to mention smell!

By Dfaribault on November 12, 2011

Simple, perfect. 5

This product is exceptional when used in tandem with Dr. Bronner’s soaps on the hair. I have long hair and use about a half cap full in just under a cup of warm water (I mix quickly before showering in a water bottle), run it through my hair in about three separate pours, working it through my strands in between, let it sit for about a minute and rinse. Hair comes out fresh smelling, incredibly smooth and surprisingly hydrated. Take the time to adjust the amount you use (more/less product in more/less water) as you see how your hair dries (not nourished or moisturized enough, too weighted down, etc.) after showering before you dismiss this product. Few ingredients come in contact with your skin and few down the drain into water systems. Its extremely diluted form does well at minimizing packaging.

By Stephanie on March 14, 2011

Nice rinse; works well with other Dr. Bronner's products 4

I really enjoyed this product, but ultimately stopped using it because I was too lazy to dilute it (sad, I know). The only time I ever noticed stinging was when I had some type of scratch or sore on my scalp. Being that there is citrus in the rinse (thus the name) a bit of stinging would be expected if one had a break in the skin. Nice product; works well with Dr. Bronners hair/body wash.

By Kuresh on February 28, 2011

hurts the scalp 1

Even after diluting this product my scalp stung

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