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Reviews for Lavender Hair Conditioner & Style Crème

By Dr. Bronner's

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By Heather on January 24, 2013

Awesome and affordable 4

I use this every day on dry hair to smooth flyaways and condition my hair. Excellent product for the price.

By Melissa on May 12, 2012

A wonderful product! Quick and easy for kids. 4

I bought this product along with Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai shampoo and conditioner rinse. I would definitely not recommend using both the conditioning rinse and the leave in creme. Your hair will feel nice and smell great but it will look greasy.
I am personally sticking with the conditioning rinse because I adore the scent but my daughter has been using this particular product and her hair looks and feels great! She’s 8 and she loves how simple it is to use.

By Alexandra on November 20, 2011

Not for fine hair! 3

I have fine hair, and bought this hoping to make my morning routine easier. As a leave-in conditioner I found even the smallest amount made my clean hair super greasy. On a positive note I love the smell, and it still works great as a styling cream for frizzy ends (in small amounts!).

By Mel15 on July 25, 2011

good conditioner 4

Really good conditioner. Reasonably priced. Smells lovely & spreads evenly. Be careful not to over apply. A little goes a long way.

By Sam on May 31, 2011

Not for all hair types 2

I have fine hair, and this product really didn’t do much other than make my hair greasy regardless of how little I used. It also did not work well as a detangler for me.

By Ingrid on April 8, 2011

Love Your Hair 4

This is a great product from Dr. Bronner’s. Works great for curly, dry, and color hair. I love it because it tames my curls all day. I don’t have the mane look anymore. My hair is shiny and the curls are refined without any touch-ups. Now I can really just were my hair down without worrying about my hair all over the place. Thanks Dr. Bronner’s.

By Jessica on February 17, 2011

Makes your hair soooo soft!! 5

I love this product! I especially love the price, it makes my hair soft and it smells fabulous!

By Michy on February 15, 2011

Great detangler 5

I am a huge fan of this product – it works really well for detangling my little girl’s hair. The scent is really nice. That being said a little bit goes a long way, if you add too much your hair will end up looking really greasy!

By Sue on February 15, 2011

Makes my morning shower simple, 5

If you’re like me,

1. don’t want to spend extra time and hassle for conditioner in shower every morning
2. don’t believe in shampoo+conditioner-in-one-shower ideology because…. by definition they are contradictory (I just cleaned my hair and scalp…but why should I put stuff on them again?)
3. but still want your hair look nice and well-done,

This is the product for you. Makes your morning shower more efficient. It does the conditioner’s job sufficiently. Two or three pumps before blow-drying works very fine.

If generously used every day, I would say it lasts about 2 full months for medium-long hair? Price-wise, quite economical.

Highly recommended.

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