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About Dr. Bronner's

Fusing quality, purity and affordability

For 60 years Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps have been synonymous with versatility, purity and high quality at affordable prices. The now iconic soaps started with a small but loyal health food store following. However, the brands reputation quickly spread to the mainstream making Dr. Bronner’s the number one-selling natural soap brand in North America.

The new Bronner generations have maintained the family legacy by developing new products, obtaining organic certifications, and staying clean in an industry full of synthetic ingredients.

Organic / humanitarian credentials

  • All Dr. Bronner’s products carry the strict USDA Certified Organic label.
  • Dr. Bronner’s partners with the Organic Consumers Association in their “Coming Clean” campaign, which takes aim at producers of fake organic products.
  • Dr. Bronner’s is certified Fair Trade by the Swiss certifier IMO’s Fair for Life program.

What makes this brand special?

Making soaps magical

The number one-selling Dr. Bronner’s Magic Classic Liquid and Bar Soaps are vegetable based pure castile, which is gentle on the body and on the environment. The multi-functional liquid soaps have dozens of uses and can clean everything from your skin to your kitchen floor.

Cleaning up the industry

Still a family run company, the fifth generation of Bronner soap makers continue to uphold the brand’s rigorous purity principles by actively crusading against brands that falsely claim to be natural. Together with the Organic Consumers Association, the “Coming Clean” Campaign has led to legal victories with major brands that mislabel their products in an effort to cheat and mislead consumers.

Other interesting facts

  • After 60 years of focusing on soap, Dr. Bronner’s has recently introduced organic shaving gels, hair conditioners, hand and body soaps, lotions, lip balms, and body balms.
  • Almost every product comes in a variety of essential oil-based fragrances as well as unscented versions for babies or adults with sensitive skin.
  • Organic ingredients including Olive, Coconut, and Palm oils, are obtained through certified Fair Trade methods to help make a difference in the lives of farmers and workers worldwide.

Standout Products

Unscented Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off 4.6667 The perfect hair and body wash for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin, this non-scented liquid soap effectively cleanses without any irritation.
Tea Tree Shikakai Body Soap $20.40 $17.34 15% off 4 Mild and moisturizing, this gentle body soap is made with naturally antibacterial tea tree and produces a rich, cleansing lather.
Lavender Bar Soap $5.40 $4.59 15% off 4.2 Lightly moisturize as your cleanse using this calming lavender-infused bar soap.