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Reviews for Peppermint Liquid Soap

By Dr. Bronner's

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By Ashley on March 27, 2013

Pure & Environmental 5

This is such a clean, refreshing scent. I dilute it with water in a self-foaming pump bottle and it lasts forever. Very economical and environmental. Every week or so you have to run the pump under hot water to clear away any gumminess (which can also form on the sink), but it’s not much work and the benefits outweigh the hassle. Highly recommend! Note: It’s a little too much (at least for me) used on the body. I felt cold for hours!

By Naomi on February 15, 2012

Husband loves it! 5

My husband loves this soap! A bottle of this sits nicely in our shower, and he uses it from head to toe! I find it to be a little too minty fresh for my taste, but it is great to use as a body wash on a hot day! This soap has a million uses!

By Veronica on August 12, 2011

Strong Peppermint 4

If you love peppermint, you will love this soap. For me, I thought the peppermint was a bit too strong as it leaves a lasting tingling feeling wherever you use it on your body. So if you have a cut on your skin and you use this soap, it will sting. It is quite invigorating if you need a pick-me-up and I can see this being a lovely edition to the shower during Christmas season.

By Nicole on May 24, 2011

refreshing! 5

I use this all over my body, and even on my scalp for removing dryness. It’s cleared up my back & lower body breakouts, better than Neutrogena’s wash for acne, and makes my scalp feel tingly fresh :) So gentle, I can even shave with it & use it on my 3 yr old son. It can leave a residue on your hair, so remember to shampoo afterwards. It’s not, however, oily & leaves no residue on your skin. Love it.

By Vera on February 18, 2011

Great everyday soap 4

It’s true you can use Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap everywhere…except for the peppermint soap. Avoid the face cos its essential oils can sting the eyes!

By Leslie on February 16, 2011

Smells incredible! 5

Soooo wonderful. The scent is absolutely invigorating. It works great as a body and hair cleanser. I like how inexpensive it is too!

By Kate on February 16, 2011

Great for cleaning house 4

I use this product to make cleaning supplies- but find it too drying to use as a body or hair cleanser.

By Cc on January 25, 2011

Using it everywhere 5

I grew up using Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps- the peppermint is a particular favorite because of it’s versatility. I’ve added it to my bath water, laundry, dilluted it to wash dishes and makeup brushes, even used it to clean wood floors with my swiffer. My skin is sensitive and eczema prone so I have to be very careful about drying it out. I also love the almond, tea tree, unscented and lavender versions.

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