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Reviews for Peppermint Shikakai Hand Soap

By Dr. Bronner's

By Ashley on August 23, 2012

Nice soap! 4

This is a nice hand soap. It lathers well and makes your hand feel soft, not dry. It Is rather expensive (we go through soap quickly), so I have tarted keeping this in our guest bath and making my own version with original dr. Bronners and a little water. Really nice product!

By Sharla on April 4, 2012

Put one by every sink in the house 4

We use the big bottles of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps around the house, but these pumps are really handy. I have different ones near every bathroom sink in the house plus the kitchen. This peppermint soap is definitely a favorite. It gets really foamy but doesn’t dry the skin, and has a very refreshing scent.

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