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Boo-Tiful Sale ItemDr. Bronner's Unscented Shikakai Body Soap  

Unscented Shikakai Body Soap

The perfect hair and body wash for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin, this non-scented liquid soap effectively cleanses without any irritation.

By Dr. Bronner's

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Size: 709mL/24fl.oz.

Country: United States

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Shikakai Body Soap


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The perfect hair and body wash for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin, this non-scented liquid soap effectively cleanses without any irritation.

More about this product

A lush lather is naturally produced with organic shikakai. The USDA Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade body wash is pure, mild and moisturizing. Other nurturing ingredients include organic coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp seed oils blended with pure organic glycerin.


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By Stella on March 30, 2012

Good for baby and me 5

I started using this on my baby daughter because I heard it was a very mild, non-irritating, all-natural cleanser for body and scalp. It was the perfect product for her newborn skin. Then I started using it on myself and absolutely loved how it cleaned without that tight feeling I had grown used to from other soaps. Now our whole family uses it. The pump is super handy in the shower, and we all love the no-smell aspect of it (we have sensitive noses as well as sensitive skin). It isn't as bubbly as some drug-store soaps, but it lathers just a right amount to get you clean and rinses off beautifully. There's a reason why Dr. Bronner soaps have a bit of a cult following - they're fantastic!

By Tania on May 11, 2012

Perfect for my un-scented kid 4

Personally, I love all the delicious fragrances of Dr. Bronner's soaps and have used a variety of them for years. However, my child has a mild aversion to odorous things - even light sweet smelling scents - so I buy the pure, au naturale unscented soap for her. Same great lather, gentle cleanse and easy-going pump without the perfumed touch.

By Corrie on April 1, 2014

Gentler on hands 5

This is one of my very favorite hand soaps. Good, pure, ingredients like the other Dr. B's liquid soaps, but gentler and more moisturizing with the addition of oils. Less versatile perhaps, but kinder to the hands. I really like a lot of the scents offered, but my winter staple is to order the unscented and add some Thieves essential oil as a natural germ-fighter, and it smells fantastic. People always ask me about it as they emerge from my powder room sniffing their hands.

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Directions for use

To use as a body wash, pour several drops onto your hands, washcloth or sponge. Then lather up, scrub down and rinse off. To wash your hair, apply several drops to wet hair and massage into your scalp. Rinse well and follow with the Citrus Conditioning Hair Rinse.


Organic White Grape Juice, Organic Sucrose, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Shikakai Powder, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

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