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Reviews for Clarifying Toner

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Dania on June 28, 2014

Evens and Balances My Sensitive Skin! 4

I have really sensitive skin and I use this toner in the morning after I wash my face. I feel like it really evens out my skin tone and balances my skin. It’s a keeper!

By Lindsay on January 15, 2014

Clears up your skin! 5

This is a great toner and wonderful addiction to Dr. H’s line of skincare. It completely cleared up my skin within a week of use. A++ product. I have combination skin that’s on the dry side, with occasional breakouts. This toner was not too drying for me.

By Blythe on June 29, 2013

WOW! 5

One word…WOW! I was not expecting anything spectacular, just a basic toner, but it has made my skin glowing, balanced, and happy…within 1-2 days of use. I’m very happily surprised. I have combination-sensitive skin and follow the regimen recommended on the Dr. H website. I have not tried the cleansers and moisturizers yet, but I have some trial sizes on the way; I hope they’re just as amazing.

By Ash on April 5, 2013

One of the best toners - even for dry skin! 5

I have used both the normal and clarifying Dr. H toner and I must say I am much more impressed with this one. I have dry/combination skin (which, one might think, would be better suited to the normal toner), but the clarifying toner didn’t dry it out in the least. In fact, it seemed to do a much better job with balancing my skin and keeping the odd blemish at bay. There does seem to be more active ingredients in this one versus the other, so for an extra couple bucks, this seems like a better investment to me.

By Sue on February 1, 2013

Recommend for Oily Skin 5

I received this as part of the sample kit for oily skin. It is the best toner I have ever used for my oily skin. I gave up on using toners years ago because they were too drying and increased the oiliness of my skin. This toner works beautifully. No redness, no dryness. I use it both morning and evening after using the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Lotion.

By Jasmine on December 30, 2012

Fine, not as nice as regular Dr H toner 3

I adored the regular Dr. H toner so I thought I’d try to clarifying toner while I was experiencing some fluctuations in my skin.
I found it a little drying and not nearly as softening or pleasant as the regular toner.
I have sensitive, normal skin, prone to blackheads.

By Alyssa on June 30, 2012

Definitely recommend for acneic skin! 5

I received two generous-sized sample bottles of this with my last order. I have been experiencing pretty horrific breakouts, with cysts popping up everywhere, and my entire chin being pretty much covered. This stuff instantly calms my skin and reduces redness, and after using it for a few nights in a row, the acne really started to clear up. I was using it in conjunction with the clarisonic mia and a new cleanser, but I definitely attribute the clearing up of the already-present blemishes to this stuff. I have pretty sensitive skin and only found it a bit drying.

By Chloe on April 25, 2012

Not for me 1

Received a sample of this and did not like it. I have combo skin and this felt drying. Perhaps it works better with other skin types. Had high hopes for Dr. Hauschka’s toners, but haven’t had any luck with them.

By Savennia on February 23, 2012

Pretty good toner 4

This toner is refreshing and I love its smell. I can feel that my skin is tighten a little bit after using it. Anyway, one drawback is that after using about 3/4 of the bottle, I see something looks like a very fine powder accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. When a shake the bottle, the powder will be dissolved. I assume that it’s one of the natural extracts. I use this once a day and it lasts me about five months. But before I repurchase this, I would like to try other toners out there with less expensive price. If you have combination skin like mine, I recommend this.

By Anita on January 22, 2012

Genlel toner 5

I bought this on accident and have the regular tones as well. They both work great and I use this with the occasional breakout and the other toner all the time. I love how they are gental and do not dry out the skin

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