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Reviews for Cleansing Clay Mask

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Vivian on April 28, 2014

Perfect for acne! 5

This is a great product for cleaning acne prone skin. It reduces my blackheads, controls the dirt and oil build up.
It can also be applied just to a pimple to dry it up and poof! its gone!
I use this mask once a week minimum. It is part of my cleansing routine and I will never give it up!!!

By Kattiuska on October 4, 2013

great mask! 4

I have been using this mask for over 6 months now and I love the way my skin looks and feels after every use. So far, I am very happy with my purchase!!

By Molly on September 8, 2013

unimpressed 2

I have used this mask twice (following the Dr. H steam bath) and have yet to see any positive result. The first time I left it on for about 15 min, and my skin was extremely dry and even wrinkled when I rinsed it off. I learned my lesson, and left it only until it was dry the second time, and while my skin was not dried out, it was also not in any way (that I could see) improved. Perhaps I need to be persistent, and am expecting too much too soon, but my introduction (through samples) has not really encouraged me to buy the full size product.

By Ashley on April 15, 2013

Pricey but effective 4

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, this truly is an excellent mask. Its very finely powdered and feels wonderful going on. My husband actually noticed how nice my skin looked after using this product. Now that’s saying something!

By Lola on March 28, 2013

My favorite mask ever! 5

I am not a big fan of Dr.Hauschka’s skin care. I used to be when my skin needs were different, but after a really bad breakout from one of Hauschka’s liquid treatments, I stopped using this brand for good. Except Cleansing Clay Mask. This is the ONLY mask I see results from. My pores are smaller, cleaner and overall the face is refreshed. I have acne prone skin but not oily, just normal (and dry in winter). The only one improvement I added to this mask- when I mix this powdery mask, I use distilled water (regular water and all toners (I tried ton of them!) just irritate my skin). It’s OK for me to wash my face with the tap water as long as I don’t let it sit on the skin. Also, I use one part of mask to one part of powdered iris root or witch hazel bark. These powdered plant materials can be purchased on specialized herb sites. Together with Dr. Hauschka mask they give me just the right amount of exfoliation, while the mask draws the impurities out.

By Kimberlyloc on March 28, 2013

A Jar Full of Magical Ingredients 4

Instead of getting a ready-to-paint-on-your-face product, you’re getting a jar full of the active ingredients (clays and extracts) that you can then mix up yourself with the liquid of your choice (water, milk, jojoba oil). I think this is a great selling point for this mask!

Besides that, I love the spot-treatment approach this mask can be used for, as well as the carefully curated ingredients. With continued use, it keeps blemishes in check!

By Jacinthe on November 15, 2012

To dry up pimples! 5

Very good on acne pimples…. I use it once a week and if needed… directly on a pimple to dry it. Two times a day for two days if usually enough to make it disapear. It is easier to blend and apply with a brush (foundation brush).

By Jasmine on June 23, 2012

Not life-altering but sensitive-skin friendly 2

I must confess I do not use this product weekly as directed but that is in part as a result of the unimpressive results. I prefer my masks to have an immediate and noticeable effect.
Perhaps after persistent use this product would deliver great results as most of the Dr H products I’ve used have.
I will finish the product as it had no negative effects and I trust the Dr H brand. This will likely take a long time as you need very little product to make enough for you entire face and the product is quite sizeable.

By Maria on December 21, 2011

best mask ever 4

absolutely love this mask. i suffer from a very oily complexion and use this once a week to help maintain. i’m a huge fan of clay masks and this is one of the best that i have found.

By Maria on October 20, 2011

Fantastic Mask 5

I love this product, not to drying and makes my skin feel fantastic!