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Reviews for Cleansing Cream

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Lisa on October 16, 2014

Great for winter 4

This cleansing cream won’t do any harm, but it’s not quite what my sensitive/blemish-prone skin needs. This cleansing cream did a great job of not irritating my skin, but didn’t quite get it as clean as it could have. I use it in the winter when my face is a little dry, but I need something a bit more heavy duty for the summer. It’s probably best for people with dry or combo skin.

By Caroline on October 16, 2014

Perfect start of the day 5

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream is a staple for me. Although I occasionally try a new make-up removing system, I always come back to this one cream to cleanse in the morning. As a make-up remover I would only give it 3 stars, but I will give it 5 because it really starts my day on the right foot! :-)

By C on June 27, 2014

Good reliable cleanser, especially in the dry winter months 4

I like this cleanser a lot, especially during the dryer months. It leaves a bit of a “moisturizer” feeling on my skin after I wash it off. It’s not the first cleanser thatI grab from my stash, but it works its way into the rotation with regularity. I appreciate the quality ingredients.

By Britt on March 28, 2014

Addicting product! 6

I received a generous sample of this marvelous cleanser in one of my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle boxes. I would switch back and forth between this and Dr. Akaitis’ cleansers each morning. Love them both… but used up my Dr. Hauschka. The scent is unusual and I love the texture – it’s absolutely addicting. This cleanser is a real “wake-up and pay attention” call in the morning. I miss it now that my sample is gone! Time to order more.

By Breanna on February 23, 2014

Good exfoliator, not so good smell. 3

I’ve been using this product about once a week to exfoliate my skin and it is very gentle and pretty effective. Unfortunately, the scent is too strong for my liking and makes it unpleasant for me to use often, so this will probably not be a repurchase for me.

By Erin on February 20, 2014

Good cleanser, ok scent. 4

I have dry skin and use this once a week. It does a good job cleansing, with subtle exfoliation. I am deducting one star for the scent, which isn’t my favourite. I much prefer the scent of the suki cleansers.

By Dania on January 22, 2014

Good product, but need it in a bigger size! 4

I really like this product! I use it at night and I think it does a better job of removing my makeup than the Cleansing Milk does. I still use the Cleansing Milk in the mornings though. I wish they sold the Cleansing Cream in a bigger size!

I agree with another poster that I am not seeing dramatic differences in my skin. I have been using products from this line for over a year, but before that I was using chemical-filled junk from the drug store. My skin is happier and calmer—less red and irritated, but that’s about it. That’s still valuable to me and I will continue to use products from this line.

By Lindsay on December 27, 2013

Great Cleanser 5

This is a fantastic cleanser that gets my skin clean without stripping it of any moisture. I have combination skin that is flaky/dry in certain areas but also tends to break out in other places. This cleanser did a great job of cleaning and soothing my skin. I use it in combination with the Rose Day Cream.

By Dariya on December 2, 2013

Works great in combination with other products from the line 4

I have a combination skin that is prone to an occasional breakout, and I have tried a multitude of products. Not a single line of products made any visible difference until Dr. Hauschka. Granted, of all their products, this cleanser is not the one I love the most, but it is gentle, pleasant to use, and works well in combination with the other products in this line. My only criticism is that I get that impression that it does not exfoliate as well as it should. It is possible that it is an erroneous impression of my part due to the fact that other exfoliating products that I used were a lot harsher.

By Molly on September 8, 2013

not a miracle, but very good 4

I have been using this cleanser, in combination with other Dr. Hauschka products, for about two months, and while it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but not dried out, I must say I have not noticed any dramatic improvement in my complexion (as other reviewers have). I will certainly keep using it though, as I love the smell and feeling. (By the way, it does smell fermented; at first I thought I might have received an outdated tube, but having now used several sample-size tubes I’ve grown to really enjoy the scent.)

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